Golf season stayed up to par amid virus


By Michael Nelli

“Golf isn’t known to be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean there still shouldn’t be Covid-19 concerns.”

Golf isn’t known to be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean there still shouldn’t be Covid-19 concerns. Varsity golf coach Terry Tiesman and varsity golfer Brett Drzewiecki speak on what the season looked like with the virus.

We as human beings are living in a new normal right now. Everything has been changed, sports included. Tiesman demonstrates how the season was changed by the virus.

“An example would be our regular schedule could not be followed. Dupage county, will county, cook county. We were restricted to only playing against the west suburban gold conference,”- Tiesman said.

You can only see so much as a coach though. Drzewiecki talks about what changes he noticed from a player’s standpoint.

“There weren’t any huge changes. Flagstick had to stay in. They put a little noodle in the cup instead and that had to stay in. Also, before tee off we had to keep our masks on,”- Drzewiecki said.

There is a relationship between coaches and players that is a mutual agreement to work as coexisting parts. That includes now with upholding certain rules and standards to maintain social distancing. Tiesman explains how the players and he worked together to remain safe.

“It was a shared responsibility. We had to social distance in team meetings. We had to monitor that, the guys had to monitor that. We’re on a golf course so it’s easy to do once we start playing. When you’re on the putting green, when you’re in a meeting it’s something you have to think about. It was the golfers and me, but it ultimately fell on me,”- Tiesman said.

When it comes to being a team, you obviously want to be together as one unit. This year isn’t every other year, so things have changed. Drzewiecki shows how being with teammates changed.

“We weren’t allowed to drive with friends to practices or games. We could take a bus if needed, but we had to stay in the Covid 19 standards for social distancing. Outside of that, it was normal. Practices stayed the same, just went and played golf,”- Drzewiecki said.