Friday night frenzy: Fans allowed at DGS football game

Michael Nelli

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AM podcast Ep 6
April 16, 2021

The DGS administration came to the conclusion that fans will be allowed to attend the last home game of the season. The decision was found out through an email from Principal Ed Schwartz saying fans will be allowed to attend the game, and seniors get first dibs on tickets.

With this being an anything but normal year, the DGS administration wanted to give seniors some feeling of a real senior year. With the recent restriction guidelines for sporting events, they found it possible to allow fans at the football game. Schwartz talks about how this decision was made.

“Within the last month we’ve gotten guidance for allowing spectators to some sporting events. There’s limits and capacities and we still have to social distance and wear masks, we can do all those things. Since we have the capability now to let some fans in, we thought we’d give seniors that first opportunity because we clearly can’t have all students as we would for a normal event,” Schwartz said.

Fans change the dynamic of a game in some instances and are a key part of “home field advantage”. With fans coming to the game against Leyden on 4/16, the team is ready to play a good brand of football. Head varsity coach Mark Molinari talks about how fans can change the game.

“You definitely know when the fans are there. You feel their energy, it’s very motivating for you. Sometimes it can be a little bit distracting for the players but it’s an experience you want the players to be able to have,” Molinari said.

The season has looked different through the COVID-19 guidelines, but those are constantly changing. Fans have been a big part of those changing guidelines and are now allowed in moderation at games. Varsity football player Nick Schmidt talks about what having fans does for him.

“It will be a nice change. It will change the mood of the game, give me more energy. Overall I think that it will help with making things normal again, and kind of bringing back friday night lights for what it used to be and what it truly can be,” Schmidt said.

With this abnormal year winding down, many seniors feel as though they’ve missed out on a lot of activities that they won’t be able to relive. This includes “Friday Night Lights” and cheering on the DGS football team. Senior Noah Edders talks about what being allowed at the game means for him as a senior.

“There are way too many spots that [weren’t]able to have fans. We can easily separate ourselves from each other to comply with social distancing. We just want a real senior year,” Edders said.

Seniors have been unable to live out the normal senior experience and the school wants them to finish their high school careers on a high note. Schwartz talks about how allowing seniors was the right thing to do.

“We finally have the opportunity to do it, and because we know the numbers are limited it made sense to give the seniors the opportunity to go. It’s not designed as a reward at all, there’s no reward big enough that I could give,” Schwartz said.