Mom, dad — I ‘seriously’ need contacts


Jacqueline Barba

The benefits of getting me contacts far outweigh the cost.

Dear parents,

I would like to start off by thanking you for years of purchasing new glasses for me since the second grade. Although I could not control the changes in my near/farsightedness, and the changes of my head size, I still appreciate you paying up for the five pairs of glasses I’ve had since then.

However, unlike many sighted people may think, wearing glasses is not a gift: it’s a curse. If you have had glasses as long as I have, you will understand me completely.

Never once in my nine years of poor eyesight have I bugged you about contacts. Even when all my friends and peers began getting contacts as early as the fifth and sixth grade, not once did I bug you about contacts. After years and years of dealing with broken pieces, permanently smudged glass, loose screws, foggy lenses, and glaring, I think it’s time I try contacts.

I know what you may think- contacts are expensive. Although this is true, I believe the benefits far outweigh the cost. Contacts can’t fall off your face with the chance of shattering into a million pieces, causing me to blindly search for them, and being left for weeks on end without visual aid whatsoever, causing me to fail my classes and therefore a chance at a successful and happy future. Also consider the fact that there are different types of contacts, which vary in prices.

I’m willing to work with you if you’re willing to work with me.

Having the constant fogging up when I’m sweaty, or when it’s humid, hot, or steamy out, has gotten to be a little too much.

I think changing up my look would be for the best. Now, instead of wearing glasses 24/7, 365 days a year, I can choose when to wear them and when not to wear them. In conclusion, I hope you consider my perspective and change your mind about contacts.

Sincerely, your visually impaired daughter,