Music throughout DGS


Sally Lichner and Allison Scherquist

Like many students at DGS Junior Amelia Giuffre can often be found listening to music, she was eager to share her taste in music and spoke about her experiences going to different concerts.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?
I like a lot of shoegaze at the moment, alternative rock, and a little bit of dream-pop too.

What artists do you listen to? What’s your favorite band/artist?
Car Seat Headrest is probably my favorite. Right now I’m listening to a lot of My Bloody Valentine and Lush. I’m just trying to get more into different music because I always listen to the same thing.

How have these songs or artists impacted you? Have they made you who you are?
My music changes a lot, freshman year I listened to a lot of Indie pop and stuff, and then right now it’s more of 90s grunge rock. I feel that it changes with me because of the instrumental component. If it makes me feel okay, if it makes me ‘awestruck.’ I like to decompose and just listen and just feel myself.

Have you ever been to a concert for any of these artists?
I went to Car Seat Headrest in march, I saw Tyler the Creator, a lot of those pop-punk bands. This was seventh grade, I’ve grown past this phase, but Panic! At the Disco, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy. I don’t listen to them anymore.

What’s your least favorite genre of music?
Country. But cowboy country is good. Anti-folk music is good. It varies, I’m not a big country fan, I’m not a big pop country fan. The Lumineers is not my thing, but cowboy country is fun.