What ‘High School Musical’ character are you?


Alison Goulding

"High School Musical" having so many diverse characters makes it easy to find at least one character you can relate to.

Aquarius- Martha
Like Martha, sometimes you can be shy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t stand out. You’re never afraid to “pop and lock” to go against the status quo. You’re always ready for a fun time out with friends or a chill night at home studying.

Pices: Gabriella
You are very generous and you care deeply about their friends. You are very easy going and likable. You are never afraid to “go your own way,” but you also find it easy to make friends.

You are passionate about your hobbies in the same way Ryan is passionate about theatre. You’re an all-around positive person who never gives up. You’re always willing to help out others, especially when your friends can’t dance!

You are very outgoing and willing to try anything. You are stubborn in your beliefs, and will do anything if you believe it’s right. You have many interests and may even feel torn about which one you should do. Either way, you can “bet on it” that you are Zac Efron. Enjoy that.

Like Zeke, you are highly enthusiastic about life, and you have many hidden talents. You are never afraid to show your true self. You inspire others to be their true selves through your courage.

Cancer-Ms. Darbus
Someone has to be the mom of the friend group, and it’s you; however, you don’t really mind. You care for others and their well being. You are not afraid to take charge and be a leader. You also enjoy being creative and working with others.

You love/need to be the center of attention. You are never afraid to “Bop to the top” and get what you want. You are a fearless individual who will have many “Fabulous Adventures”.

Virgo- Kelsi
You are a multi-talented individual, with a unique, creative eye. You work hard to make your creative vision perfect. You think critically about how your actions could affect others.

Libra -Chad
You are willing to do anything to achieve your goals and will help others achieve theirs too. You are not afraid of stepping up to be a leader. You’re always willing to try everything at least once, and more than anything, you can dance.
You are a very intelligent individual, in and out of school. You care about your friends and only want the best for them. You are very persistent in your attempts to achieve your goals, and most of the time, it works out for you.

Sagittarius-Tiara Gold
Even though Tiara doesn’t make an appearance until the third movie, she is still pretty iconic, like you. Your creativity thrives in freedom and you never give up on your goals.

Okay, so technically Ricky is from the new High School Musical group (“High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”), but 2020 will be your year to try something new. You are sensitive, but also very practical. You are very persistent and never give up on the things and people you love.