TLC: The channel for everyone


Graphic by: Elliot Sheets

TLC is the perfect channel for everyone to binge-watch for hours.

I will proudly declare that TLC is my favorite channel and forever will be. In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know about TLC, it is a television network that focuses on reality shows and finding love and beauty in the unexpected. TLC has something for everyone.

From watching this network, I have learned so many things that I now use in the real world. “Extreme Couponing” has taught me how to save money, “Toddlers and Tiaras” — how to express myself and “My 600 Pound Life” taught me that it’s never too late to improve your situation.

“Say Yes to the Dress” especially has a dedicated place in my heart. My mom and I have bonded over the show my whole life. When we had cable, we would watch the new episode every Friday while snuggling on the couch.

Now, with the power of online streaming, we will binge hours of the show and play the game of “what type of dress will I wear when I get married?” One thing I can tell you for sure is my mom and I’s countless years of watching “Say Yes to the Dress” has educated us that you must please yourself before you please others and never try on a dress that’s out your price range. Prom dress shopping better live up to these expectations.

But if you aren’t in the mood for serious content, TLC still has your back. It’s perfect for those Friday nights where you are brain dead from the previous school week and all you have left is a couple of functioning brain cells.

My all-time-favorites have to be “My Strange Addiction,” “90-Day Finance” and “Dr. Pimple Popper”. At some point while watching these shows you will notice that it is two in the morning and you will probably ask yourself “why am I watching this?” Then you will refuse to stop and end up binging about three more episodes until you unexpectedly pass out.

TLC is also the perfect place to see how diverse our world is. From shows like “Kate plus Eight” to “The Little Couple” and even “19 Kids and Counting,” one can see how different the day to day lives of other people are.

These types of in-depth programs show that some people’s lives are way more complex than the standard life of a suburban family. On the other hand, let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy stalking someone else’s life from the luxury of their living room.

So next time you find yourself stuck on what to watch. Just grab yourself some comfort food, a nice blanket and switch your TV to good old TLC, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.