Sorry, Walt: Netflix reigns supreme after Disney’s streaming launch


Kira Matheson

Though Disney+ has a surplus of content, Netflix remains king of the streaming world.

I have been a die-hard Disney fan since the day I was born. The first movie I ever saw in theaters was “Finding Nemo.” I had a life-sized Simba stuffed animal from “The Lion King” and could name all of the Disney princesses before I could name some of my extended family members.

When Disney+ launched in early November, it seemed to me like a gift from Walt himself. Every classic Disney movie and television show in one place along with original content? My dreams felt like they had finally come true.

However, the “hype” surrounding Disney+ wasn’t about the new shows or old favorites. It was about its ability to coexist with Netflix and their newfound competition.

Netflix, at the beginning of Disney’s platform launch, had to pull all of their Disney content off of their streaming service, creating a cause for complaint. The move polarized some of their audiences, causing commotion from the internet.

There were threats against the Netflix company, stating that their subscriptions would tank after the launch of Disney+, making it seem like a legitimate competitor for what some may call the “original streaming platform.”

About a month into Disney+’s existence, this claim could not be more false. Netflix’s subscriptions have barely dipped and though Disney+ is off to a good start, it’s difficult to say how it’ll fend against giants like HBO and Hulu.

Disney+ is good for two audiences only: small children and those trying to rekindle their childhood nostalgia. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved rewatching all of the seasons of “Kim Possible”, but that’s because it reminds me of a happy time in my life.

I can turn to Netflix for anything and have discovered most of my favorite shows from perusing the streaming site. It’s rarely disappointed me (save for some bad original content) and has an unlimited variety of shows, all diverse and unique to themselves.

The Netflix audience is expansively larger than Disney’s and though the service is young, it looks like it may stay that way. It’s had more time to develop and cater to its audience, providing years of entertainment that Disney+ just can’t compete with yet.

Though both streaming platforms are respectable in their own right, it is impossible to overthrow the original. Netflix will continue to dominate. Disney+ is nice to have but will never be as enthralling as its predecessor.

If you’ve seen one Disney movie, you’ve seen them all, while Netflix is constantly switching it up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for my Disney+ subscription, as I’m sure my parents are too after hearing me sing the Hercules theme song for the third time this week. The service provides me with a sense of childlike wonder I can’t get anywhere else.

In the end baby Yoda is cute, but he can’t compete with the Netflix dynasty.