Glossier: My love letter to cool girl makeup


Some of my staple Glossier products with the classic pink bubble pouch.

Glossier is the new “it girl” cosmetic line that is taking the media by storm. This beauty-enhancer empire is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to modern makeup — and I’m hooked.

This brand is all about simplicity and embracing what you have. I’ve been a Glossier devotee for the past two years and have tried a majority of their staple products. These are arguably the most popular, and highly rated items for your viewing pleasure.


Cloud Paint — Glossier’s take on blush is easily their most popular product. The packaging, a paint tube, matches the shade and showcases Glossier’s minimalistic style, holding about nine months’ worth of pigmented liquid blush. If I could only have one product for the rest of my life, it would be this.

Price: $18

Rate: 10/10


Balm Dotcom — The Glossier lip balm, a thick, moisturizing formula, is this year’s cold spell solution. Balm Dotcom comes in a variety of shades and flavors (my favorite being cherry), providing a sheer finish with hours of protection. One tube of this could last me through the apocalypse and has been a permanent resident of my keychain for as long as I can remember.

Price: $12

Rate: 9/10


Haloscope — The Haloscope highlighter is everything I could ever want: buildable, reflective and no visible glitter. Its buttery formula is ideal for the dry winter weather and provides a glossy finish. The amount of product in the tube is immense and is a good investment for those who want to glow on the go.

Price: $22

Rate: 9/10


Glossier You perfume — The Glossier You perfume, though not technically makeup, is another Glossier claim to fame. On its own, the smell is woodsy and floral yet remains slightly ambiguous. The price is a little hefty for such a small amount of perfume, but it has lasting power to make it worth it.

Price: $60

Rate: 8/10


Boy Brow — Brow gel has never really been “my thing”, but I had to try this product for the hype. The small applicator makes it easy to get up close and personal with precision, and the formula isn’t too liquidy like many gel products. Despite the occasional flaking after hours of wear, the Boy Brow gives volume and hold where it needs to.

Price: $18

Rate: 7/10


Lash Slick — This mascara has more of a subtle effect compared to full, dramatic lashes. The Lash Slick is made to create a natural look, coating individual hairs for a bright-eyed finish. In an everyday I-don’t-want-to-look-like-I’m-wearing-mascara vibe, this product delivers, making an appearance on my face the entirety of last summer.

Price: $16

Rate: 7/10


Overall, the Glossier empire provides simple, elegant products that are long-lasting and buildable. This brand, held in my makeup bag and my heart, is vastly underestimated for their quality and should be experienced at least once. All I know is that every time I see that pink package on my porch, I know it’s going to be a good day.