I don’t care what you think — I love my iPhone 6


Alison Goulding

Despite the hate I receive for my iPhone 6, I will continue to love it everyday.

Back in 2014, I updated my Nokia touchscreen phone to the iPhone 6. My iPhone 6 has stuck with me throughout the past five years of my life and continues to live through the multiple falls and faceplants it experiences every day. 

On a daily basis, I am attacked for not upgrading my iPhone 6 to the newest and most expensive model. I often hear the phrases, “Wait, you still have one of those?” or “When are you getting a new one?” 

Despite the remarks given towards my outdated phone, there are many reasons why my iPhone 6 is still exceptional. 

My friends vow to never use my phone for pictures. Many people automatically assume the camera quality of the iPhone 6 is horrendous. However, with the proper lighting, it is easy for someone to mistake the iPhone 6 camera for a phone a few generations ahead. 

The size of the iPhone 6 is the ideal phone size. My phone can fit in my pocket and hand, unlike many other phones that have an iPad-like screen. 

It may be hard for those who are updated iPhone users to wrap their heads around this ancient piece of technology. They do not remember what life was like when they had home-buttons and wired headphones. 

A disease is spreading rapidly around DGS and is taking over our school — air pods. Students are reliant on their $200 air pods in order to maintain their emotional stability. 

Plugging in headphones to my phone is something I take for granted. At least I don’t need an adaptor to listen to music. My wired headphones are always reliable because anything wireless is another battery to worry about. 

In comparison to the iPhone 11, the iPhone 6 is extremely affordable. It can run the same apps as an iPhone 11 and google the same content but for $800 less. 

My iPhone 6 has proved that I do not need an updated phone to be happy. Throughout the years I have dropped my phone in water and down flights of stairs. However, it has continued to show resilience and has never failed to turn on when I press the home button.

 Although my friends believe my iPhone 6 is a disturbance to society, it benefits me every day. Unfortunately, I will have to update my phone before college, but until then I will continue to treasure the last iPhone with a headphone jack.