Top ten ways to use less plastic


Marjorie Lichner

My reusable coffee cup and I are ready to take on the world without plastic.

It is obvious that plastic is very helpful in our everyday lives; however, as plastic pollutes the earth’s land and its oceans it’s obvious humans need to decrease their plastic consumption. Here are my top ten ways to use less plastic in your everyday life. 

10. Bring your own bag for vegetables in grocery stores.

Even if you don’t grocery shop for your household, encourage those who do to not use the vegetable bags at the store. You could buy alternative ones out of cloth, or make use of a reusable bag you already own.

9. Reuse plastic as long as you can.

If you do have to use plastic, reuse it for as long as you can. For instance, if you have to use a  disposable water bottle, reuse it again until you absolutely can’t anymore. Yes, you are still using plastic; however, you are using less than if you were to continually buy a disposable bottle.

8. Check your face wash

Many face washes, as well as other body products, can contain plastic in them. When you use them, it sends the plastic directly to the ocean through the pipes. This is something that is tricky to avoid, but good if you can.

7. Thrift shop and donate clothes.

Buying clothes second-hand avoids them being thrown into landfills, and also helps your bank account, which is a win-win situation. Donating your used clothes also helps them avoid landfills and gives someone else a chance to enjoy it.

6. Eat fresh fruit instead of buying fruit juice.

 Not only is this healthier for you because there are no additives in fresh fruit, but you’re also avoiding the plastic packaging.

5. Don’t use plastic silverware

I know sometimes there are no other options, but if you can, use real silverware instead.

4. Utilize reusable grocery bags. 

These are the best. They waste less plastic, and they don’t make that annoying plastic bag sound. Sorry Katy Perry but I’ll never feel like a plastic bag drifting through the wind.

3. Stop using sandwich bags.

No offense Ziploc, but your time has come. Invest in some glass or hard plastic containers to utilize instead.

2.Use a reusable water bottle. 

These are thousands of times better than buying a plastic water bottle everyday. Even if your reusable water bottle is made of hard plastic, it still uses less plastic then a disposable, plastic bottle. You also get an added bonus if you buy a reusable coffee cup because Starbucks gives you 10% off every time you bring it in

1. Metal straws.

You heard me: embrace your inner VSCO girl and ditch plastic straws. I keep a metal straw in my purse at all times for straw emergencies. Plastic straws are not just bad for turtles, but bad for the environment as well. Metal straws are much more convenient and better for the earth.