Top 10 Tuesday: Ice cream shops

Teagan Smith

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Teagan Smith

Tasty Treat in downtown Westmont has the best and cheapest ice cream.

Even though the hot, sweaty days of summer have been replaced with falling leaves and hoodies, there is still no reason to stop enjoying the best food of all time. Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts, which explains why there are so many places that sell this treat.  But true ice cream lovers know what separates the good from the great.

10. McDonald’s 

The most convenient and fastest option. Oreo McFlurries easily put it in the top ten. If only the ice cream machine wasn’t broken half the time you went there, then it wouldn’t have to be in last place.

9. Wendy’s 

A 50 cent Frosty? Although your choices are limited to chocolate or vanilla, Wendy’s is incomparable in cost. 

8. Steak and Shake

For a fast food restaurant, they have an impressively wide range of shake flavors.

7. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone has lots of options for types of ice creams, along with creative flavor choices, but I think it’s overrated for the high price and small size.

6. Everyday’s a Sundae

Everyday’s a Sundae is a Downers Grove classic with iconic flavors. The only complaint is the cost for such small sizes.

5. Andy’s Frozen Custard 

Andy’s has a wide range of fun flavors with big sizes and a fair price. If only the nearest one wasn’t 20 minutes away. 

4. Culver’s

This place has the best candy flavorings and toppings, plus a low price. There is also always one close by.

3. Oberweis 

Oberweis just has good quality ice cream, everything on their menu hits different. Down to their ice cream cartons and chocolate milk, Oberweis is great. However, it is on the more expensive side.

2. Dairy Queen

There’s three Dairy Queens within two miles of DGS, easily making it the most accessible shop.  They are always bringing in new blizzard flavors while still keeping the classics. Plus you’re bound to know at least one person working everytime you go.

1. Tasty Treat

In downtown Westmont, Tasty Treat has the best quality ice cream available for the price. Their classic flavors are a low price and a good size. A medium for $2.20? Yes, please.