‘Rambo: Last Blood’ will disappoint


Drey McGrew

Cinemark at seven bridges shows off newest movie “Rambo: Last Blood”.

Sylvester Stallone has been in the acting business for almost six decades and still has yet to disappoint me with a movie he’s starred in. However, that statement may no longer be true due to his most recent movie “Rambo: Last Blood.”

Recently, action movies are getting stale in the movie industry due to cliche endings, repetitive plots and simply just bad acting.

“Rambo: Last Blood” sadly falls into all three of those categories.

 The movie isn’t a total disaster; it has its good parts during the fighting scenes, and the movie had some good emotion throughout, but in all truth, it wasn’t a good movie.

The acting felt dumb–the actors just could not pull off the roles they were cast.

 Throughout the whole first half of the movie, the movie jumps from different scenes and becomes confusing. At one point Rambo was at home doing his normal routine, and he gets the news from Maria about Gabrielle, and all of a sudden he is in Mexico in the middle of the night.

Rambo is supposed to be a buff war veteran that is basically unkillable and should be feared by all the bad guys. But Stallone just looks like an old Italian grandpa that can’t get over his glory days, and honestly, it’s not believable that a 73-year-old man can be doing the things he does in the movie with ease.

The action scenes took too long to come to the screen. The movie felt like a drama at the beginning which was not amusing; I understand they are trying to build up the movie, but they could have put less time into introduction scenes and more time on the gory action-packed scenes that the Rambo fans craved.

The producers really dried out the Rambo series with this last film. It felt the producers were just trying to make a quick dollar off a mainstream movie title rather than putting in the effort to make a quality action film.

“Rambo: Last Blood” was honestly a huge disappointment to me, and I give the movie 4.5/10 stars due to the B-movie acting, cheap action scenes and cliche plot.