Let this week’s horoscope decide your Friday night plans


Alyssa Deplaris

If you’re a Libra you will happily make creations out of clay this Friday night.


Cleaning. This Friday you will be spending time in your room organizing everything in your closet by color and size. So much for partying.


Doing ceramics. You will be making creations out of clay with your creative abilities. 


Working out. You are always striving to push yourself and be better than you were yesterday. The grind never stops.


Skydiving. The time is now, you are ready to say YOLO and fly through the wind. 


Working. You are a workaholic which will be represented this Friday night. Stop working 24/7 and live your life.


Going to a football game. You are always on your feet and ready to participate in any social event that comes your way. 


Painting and listening to emo music. After a long week of mental breakdowns, you need this time to yourself.


Kickboxing. The best way to let your anger diminish and allow your confidence to strive. 


Spending too much money. This Friday night you will be found wasting your money on food that wasn’t worth it in the first place. Probably somewhere very pricey and elegant.


Spilling the tea to your uber driver. On the way to visiting your millions of friends you will inform the driver about random facts they probably didn’t need to know.


Taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Let’s face it, all you need right now is some comfort food and of course a good quiz to brighten up your night.


Aquatic aerobics. Leo you will do anything to stand out in a crowd and allow yourself to flex on everyone.