Freshman Friday: Hailey Welp


Photo courtesy of Hailey Welp

Freshman Hailey Welp, member of the DGS girl’s swim team, at a meet this season.

Q: What are you looking forward to next year?
A: Now that I have gotten a year under my belt, I am looking forward to taking part in more clubs! Like, Superfans and Blue Crew!
Q: What sports or activities are you involved in at DGS?
A: I’m on the swim team and participate in ACE.
Q: How have these sports or activities impacted you?
A: Being in a fall sport, it was a great opportunity to meet new people, freshmen and upperclassmen, before school started. I got a lot of helpful advice from them! I also enjoyed ACE because I got to meet other athletes as well as make a difference in my school community.
Q: Has freshmen year gone as you expected it to go coming into high school?
A: I had no idea what to expect! It’s so great having so many options for clubs and activities that I felt there was always something to do. DGS is a huge school and I have enjoyed it so far and look forward to the next few years!