Top ten ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single


Photo Courtesy: Kate Riley

Whether you’re single or taken, chocolate has a place in everyone’s Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can be a bit depressing if you’re single, especially when you’re scrolling through Instagram reading all of the cringy posts your friends write about their significant others. No need to fret! Feb. 14 can be fun — even when you’re single.

  1. Throw darts at a picture of your ex

This probably isn’t your best option, and if it is, you have some unresolved trauma and conflict to deal with. Trust me, honey, they aren’t worth the trouble!

  1. Don’t acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is happening

I don’t know about you, but I’m really good at pretending things aren’t happening to ignore any sort of confrontation. If Valentine’s Day bugs you that much, get some homework done, watch a comedy movie and go to bed.

  1. Watch “The Notebook” or any other sappy romance movie

Text people! Order food! Treat yourself to a night in with your friends!

  1. Take yourself out on a shopping spree

Go to the mall and buy yourself a new wardrobe; you deserve it.

  1. Spend time with your parents

Why not spend a day with your parents? Buy them chocolate and flowers and go out to brunch. They are the ones who really deserve your love and undivided attention anyway.

  1. Get a group of friends together and go downtown

Dress up and hit the town, maybe go out to a fancy dinner and take some cute pictures at the Bean.

  1. Have a spa day

Take a long bubble bath, go get a massage, do a face mask, whatever you want. Just take care of yourself.

  1. Go on a BFF date

Grab your best friend and go out to dinner or a movie; you don’t need a significant other to go on a fun date.

  1. Photoshoot!

Everyone has a friend with a good camera! Go out and take some pictures with your friends. It’ll make for a great “Single again this Valentine’s Day!” post.

  1. Throw a singles-only party

Have fun with your friends and celebrate your independence. Being single is underrated!