Vaping: it’s just like, the coolest


“Hey Chelsea, can you pass me that vape? I want to be cool and taste the Whabam,” Brad Cool Guy says while reaching for the vape.

“Oh Brad, you’ve always been super cool, but now that you’re vaping, it’s like totally official. Also there’s no way that vapes can have any negative effects; all of us cool teens do it,” cheerleader Chelsea says while doing some sick vape tricks.Honestly vaping is dumb for a handful of reasons. One of the reasons is that people use them to taste flavored mist like Jolly Ranchers or some brand of carbonated drink. Hello? Just drink the drink or eat the dang ranchers because I assure you that you won’t be jolly when you have a new disease stemmed from vaping 15 years down the line.I never understood why people chose to vape just because it is the new trend — congrats you just put strain on your lungs just for some clout in your small friend group, but hey, you’ll live to 40 years old at most now with a disease we haven’t discovered yet named something like Grape Death.

I suppose that’s just how it works; the new craze screams at kids to jump onto the bandwagon when you see everyone and their grandmother doing vape tricks and showing off how cool they are over the Internet.

Let me remind you that inhaling nicotine is not really the best for kids, especially when you’re still developing as a human. I know that’s crazy. How dare our parents expect us to not develop a nicotine addiction and find out we have some debilitating disease before the age of 21? Well, at least I was able to smoke blue rasberry, you know since eating a raspberry is difficult enough.

To those that stand by the idea that rules are meant to be broken, I hope you are a vaper because it’s against school’s rules to even have your vape on campus. But by that logic, every vaper is going against the school’s wishes and are risking getting in trouble to take a hit of flavored death.

With vaping being fairly new, we don’t have a complete understanding on what it does to your body, so that means we should all totally experiment with it because clearly no one knows if it’s dangerous, so that must mean it’s safe.

You might have your own opinion with this topic, you might not see an issue with you vaping ten times a day and insisting it’s not addictive. You can believe in your side, but just know that you’re wrong for putting strain on your body for a few seconds of misted flavor.