Missed opportunities plague DGS baseball


Cameron Crowley pitched a complete game as the Mustangs defeated the Hinsdale South Hornets 3-1 on Thursday. Crowley pitched the entire game and gave up no earned runs while striking out seven batters. The Hornets had one hit and one unearned run off of a Mustang error in the first inning.


“It was an outstanding performance by Crowley in this game to keep us competitive,” said head coach Darren Orel.


The Mustangs had bases loaded with one out in the third inning and were not able to deliver with any runs. In the fourth inning, the Mustangs broke their twelve inning no-run streak with a double from Jake Pileggi. The ‘Stangs would score three that inning with four hits that inning.


“We had a lot of missed opportunities throughout this series and today but we were able to score in the fourth inning,” said coach Orel.


The Mustangs fell Monday afternoon to the Hornets  8-4. The reason for the Mustangs’ downfall was too many missed opportunities. They had runners in scoring position in five of the seven innings and were only able to score two of those five chances.


The Mustangs started the first inning well. They hit two triples and were able to score one run. They would score three in the fifth inning after the pitcher loaded the bases from walks and the Mustangs put a ball in play.   


The Hornets were not able to do anything for the first two innings and only produced one hit in the first. That all changed in the top of the third inning when the Hornets scored three runs with two outs. They would score three again the next inning with three consecutive hits and a home run.


It was a game of missed opportunities for the Mustangs, and if they pulled through on any of the chances, the game might have ended differently.


The game on Tuesday, May 8 the Mustangs would lose 1-0 in a pitcher’s battle. There were many chances for the Mustangs to score but they were not able to come through.