Cutest Couple Contest 2018: Submissions and Voting


The submissions are in and now it’s time for DGS to vote. Here are your Cutest Couple candidates. After reading their submissions, click the link below to vote for the couple you think is the cutest.

Maura K and Chris C:

We have been best friends since eighth grade. Freshman year at your local McDonald’s, I, Maura Kennedy, proposed to Chris and we got married right then and there. We are basically inseparable, and we are both hilarious and love everyone, so what’s not to like?” Maura said.

Cassandra T and Amy L:

“We thought the best way to express why we should win the Cutest Couple Contest would be to just say things we love about each other, both big and little things because one or two stories couldn’t truly express just how much we truly care about each other and make each other happy,” Cassandra said.

“My lovely Cass is exquisite whether she’s in pajama pants and a sweatshirt or a gorgeous gown. She doesn’t care what other people think of her look or our relationship. She is so supportive and understanding of me and tries so hard to spread kindness into the world. She tries to teach our freshman in marching band and protect them and it’s just so endearing. When she talks about something she loves, her eyes light up and her words speed up and it may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She has a fantastic singing voice and musical ability. She enraptures me every day with how open-minded and gorgeous she is in mind, body, and soul,” Amy said.

“Amy’s smile alone makes my heart flutter every time I see it and all I want to do is make her happy so I can see that smile again and again. She always makes me feel like I belong and am welcomed when often I feel like I annoy people or I’m unwanted. She helps me to face my fears and is willing to face her’s for my happiness as well. My entire life has improved just by being with her, and I’m just so happy that this was the amazing girl who helped me figure out I was gay and taught me what love is,” Cassandra said.

“If we could send in as much as we wanted, we’d tell every story, every moment we’ve spent together, from when Cass mock-proposed to Amy to the Zoup and jazz concert date that led to us becoming official girlfriends, because they are all so important. No matter who gives us dirty looks when we hold hands, who tries to tell us we’re wrong or pull us apart, nobody else can change the fact that we’re happiest together. Love is love,” Amy said.

Bella K and Allie B:

“My girlfriend, Allie Brandt, and I met freshman year in math class when neither of us had friends to sit by. We were the last two people standing at the front of the room to pick seats. She turned to me and initiated the most awkward handshake I have ever had in my life and we instantly clicked. I was immediately able to talk to her like I’d known her for ten years. I only did my math homework when we sat next to each other because I wanted to impress her and now, three years later, I’m still striving to impress her. She inspires me every day to work harder and achieve more and I can’t wait for the day when we take over the music business and become music’s greatest power couple,” Bella said.

Janella G and Andres M:

“So this is Andres and I. This is super cheesy, but I wouldn’t be as happy as I am without him by my side … because we’re involved in so many things with each other, there’s an enormous amount of support that goes both ways which is why I think we’ve established such a healthy, fun relationship. This whole year for speech, we’ve been partners so my success is his and vice versa. He isn’t just my boyfriend but my best friend. Stupid, I know, but now I understand why people say it. Recently for speech, we qualified for nationals and although it has yet to happen, it will no doubt be one of our highs together. It’s been about a year of sticking with one another and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Janella said.

Kennedy N and Nick P:

“Sophomore year, one of our friends introduced us to each other and things didn’t click right away. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but he insisted that we talk. After a few months of trying things out, I realized this guy wasn’t that bad and that he might just be one of the best things to happen to me,” Kennedy said.

Cara L and Trent N:

“Trent and I met when we were only little elementary school kids because he was friends with my best friend I met in preschool. Although it did not lead to love that early in life, it was the start of something awesome. The summer after freshman year he became my best friend that I spent almost every day with riding around on our longboards. All of this time I knew he liked me, but I would never admit I liked him back. Finally, after a trip to Six Flags with some of our friends, I decided to give him a chance. Two and a half years and many fun memories later, I sure am happy I ended up giving him that chance. I think we are truly the best for the position of cutest couple at DGS because we are two dope people who love being together,” Cara said.

Anthony S and Talia D:

“We are the cutest couple because we do everything together. From concerts to ‘Sunday Fun-Days’ and eating dinner 95 floors up in the John Hancock. We meet five times a day in the hall and smile every second we are together. Seeing each other makes school much better and gives us something to look forward to. We scoop each other and surprise each other with Dunkin’ Donuts. We help each other out with school and take naps together and have millions of jam sessions and go get pizza at 1:00 a.m.” Anthony said.

Rachel D and Jaelynn B:

“I’m only dating Jaelynn so I don’t have to go to Cheesecake Factory alone,” Rachel said.

Judi N and Ethan P:

“Ethan and I have been dating for awhile, but we became really close friends last year because we were in the same French class. We became best friends during that summer and since he was in marching band and I lived really close to the school, I would walk over to go visit him. Then he asked me to homecoming and I’d never had more fun in one night than I had in my entire life. We started dating around Thanksgiving of last year and when we started dating I made it my goal to make our lives an adventure. We always have the most fun together and I cherish our relationship deeply,” Judi said. 

Allycia E and Jaimari M:

Jaimari Mckee and I have been together for a year now. We met freshman year through his friend and we are both huge fans of basketball. Our relationship reminds me of love and basketball,” Allycia said.

Vincente P and George R:

“Many people underestimate the power of a good bromance. From my experience, nothing can ever get between two bros. Unlike most good relationships, the first time I saw George was at freshman football camp, and I thought absolutely nothing of him. Somehow we started hanging out, and before I knew it he was one of my best buddies which was cool considering that before high school we didn’t even know who each other were. Being on the same football team helped even more because it’s a cool feeling knowing your best friend is the one throwing you passes in games. Through that, we grew a connection that couldn’t be broken. Every guy knows a bond between him and a bro is something to take pride in. I take pride in knowing that George and I have the best bromance in the school. From touchdowns under the lights on Fridays to sneaking onto Wrigley Field over the summer, George and I have many great stories and experiences that prove that we’re by far the best “couple” at South,” Vincente said.

Alexa A and Jack T:

“Back in preschool we met, then kindergarten came and we were inseparable. As time went on, we went our separate ways and made new friends. But then … freshman year, we were back to being in a class together eighth period which forced us to be friends again. Sophomore year, we had math class together so we continued to talk throughout the class and we ended up getting assigned seats next to each other. In order not to be separated we emailed the teacher a long paragraph as to why we shouldn’t be separated. It worked and we were together the whole year which led us to where we are now. We have been dating for a year now, but we still haven’t gone to the Cheesecake Factory. Please help,” Jack said.