Freshman Friday: Doug Schumacher

Calvin Herion

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March 23, 2018
March 23, 2018

Who are you, and how do we knew each other?

“My name is Doug Schumacher. Calvin and his [sophomore] brother Beau are my cousins.”


What is it like to go threw DGS with your family?

“It’s interesting, it’s nice to have people you know [at DGS] above you. They make me feel welcome at DGS.”


What do you do for fun?

“At home, I play video games.  At DGS, I am going to gymnastics as well wrestling and track next year.  My cousins forced to try Law Club,  but it’s been a good experience so far.”


Were you nervous about high school?

“It was not nerve racking at all. After going through the middle school years of meeting new people,  I was excited to meet even more.”


Finally,  do you miss middle school at all?

“No, because I feel like being in high school is a nicer experience. We have more freedoms and I feel that a lot of the teacher are better than the middle school.”