Top 10 “The Office” episodes

Calvin Herion

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March 23, 2018
March 23, 2018

“The Office” may have ended five years ago,  but the folks at Dunder Mifflin will live in our hearts forever. Although later seasons were criticized for a decline in quality,  the show is nonetheless considered to be one of the greatest shows to air on television. Presenting the Top 10 “The Office” episodes, in chronological order. Warning: spoilers ahead.


1.”The Dundies” S02, E01: Every year,  office manager Michael Scott hosts an awards ceremony for all the branch employees.  This year, the show takes place at Chili’s. Some awards are nice enough, but others are more insulting.  Meanwhile, receptionist Pam Beesly gets drunk,  feels God in the Chili’s, and passes out. It is a wild episode to be sure, but it beats the Oscars any day.

2.”Casino Night ” S02, E22: Michael’s latest idea involves holding a casino night for charity, with plenty of gambling and humor.  He invites two dates: his boss Jan and his realtor Carol. Yet, the moment everyone remembers is when salesman Jim Halpert tells Pam that he is in love with her. 

3.”A Benihana Christmas” S03, E10 and E11: Uptight accountant Angela is hosting a boring Christmas party,  so Pam and newly transferred Karen (who is dating Jim) plan a rivaling party. Meanwhile,  Michael goes to Benihana with some guys from the office (Jim, Andy, and Dwight) to forget about his relationship troubles. Christmas episodes are always a treat.

4.”Fun Run” S04, E01 and E02: Michael hits supplier relations representative Meredith with his car while driving to work,  which fractures her pelvis. When it is discovered that she has rabies (referencing a previous episode) he holds a “fun run for the cure” despite rabies already having a cure. Also,  Jim and Pam are finally dating while Dwight killed Angela’s cat by stuffing it in the fridge.

5.”Dinner Party” S04, E10: Michael has all the couples of the office (Jim and Pam, Andy and Angela) go to his house for a dinner party with his girlfriend Jan. Unfortunately,  the party is disastrous as Michael and Jan’s relationship grows sourer as the night wears on. The final straw for Jan is when Dwight shows up unexpectedly with his old babysitter as his date. It’s an “Office” classic.

6. “Weight Loss” S05, E01 and E02: A company wide initiative to lose weight has the employees buzzing. Michael attempts to seduce the new HR rep Holly,  and Jim and Pam become engaged. Not a bad season premiere.

7. “Stress Relief” S05, E14 and E15: Thinking that nobody paid attention to his fire safety PowerPoint,  Dwight orchestrates an unauthorized fire drill. After poor Stanley gets a heart attack out of the ordeal,  Michael decides to relieve some stress by holding a “Comedy Central” roast in the warehouse.  In the B-plot, Pam’s parents are getting a divorce which makes her upset.

8. “Cafe Disco” S05, E27: Michael turns his old paper company (a brief story line where Michael creates his own business to rival Dunder Mufflin) into a disco relaxation room. This episode features my favorite character,  the always upbeat Erin Hannon. Elsewhere,  Dwight must tend to an injured Phyllis,  who injured her back while dancing in the Cafe Disco.

9. “Threat Level Midnight” S07, E17: Michael has finished creating his movie,  “Threat Level Midnight.” Everyone in the office past and present is featured in the cinematic masterpiece. Even Pam’s mom appears as a nurse tending to an injured “Michael Scarn.”

10. “Finale” S09, E24 and E25: Everyone gathers together for one last hurrah as the gang goes their separate ways. What is incredible is how every character has their story lines. There is even a special visit from an old friend…