Cap and gown color change causes chaos


Online Editor-In-Chief Barbara Collins sporting her navy blue gown.

The change in color of the cap and gowns has sent waves of confusion and annoyance among the senior class at DGS since before the first week of school. Typically in years past at the graduation ceremony, boys would wear navy blue gowns while girls wore columbia blue. Now school staff has made the executive decision to have every student wear navy blue.

I broke the issue down and decided to address both the pros and cons of this new graduation policy.


  • It looks neater.

It can be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye to look out into the crowd of graduating seniors and only see one color.

  • Rehearsal will be easier to organize.

Hours would be spent at graduation rehearsal trying to set up the students as boy, girl, boy, girl, so the columbia and navy would be in a perfect pattern.

  • Navy blue will not show sweat stains.

Graduation is a huge occasion and that can bring on the nerves for many students. Now, they don’t have to worry about their stress sweat showing.

  • It better honors academically successful students.

The gold stoles for the students with an honor roll GPA stand out better on the navy blue gowns.

  • The class looks more unified.

Every student wearing the same color brings us together as a senior class. We are all different people, but having one color equalizes us and unifies us together for this important milestone in our lives.

  • It is gender inclusive.

No student has to be conformed into a certain gender just because of the color they are wearing.


  • Parents won’t be able to find their child easily.

With both colors, parents could show up knowing that their child was either wearing navy or columbia saving them from scanning every single student to find their precious offspring. Now, every student will be wearing the same color making it a huge challenge for proud parents to find their graduating senior.

  • Having both colors allowed some families to save money.

A senior girl with an older sister could wear her columbia blue gown and save her parents the $50 that will now be used to buy a navy blue one.

  • Seniors will not match their parent alumni.

There is a significant amount of seniors who have parents who also graduated from DGS. Now, mom can’t watch her daughter receive her diploma in the same color gown she did.

  • It doesn’t match senior portraits.

Girls who took their portraits in June or July wore the columbia blue gown in their picture. If they want it to match the gown they graduate in, they have to go through the hassle of getting ready and retaking their picture in the navy blue.

Where do you side? Check out our twitter poll to see how your opinion compares to the rest of the class.