Lawrence Hiquiana commits to Gustavus Adolphus College

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When did you first start playing tennis and why did you join?

I started playing tennis when I was about seven, but got serious when I was 10. I started to play because my dad would always take me to McCollum [Park] with him, so I basically grew up around the sport.

Do you play in a tennis league outside of high school and how does that work?

I play in USTA tournaments outside of school. They are just a series of tournaments that run throughout the year that you travel to and compete in by yourself.

What about the sport keeps you coming back? Why do you love it so much?

I tried some other sports when I was younger, but tennis always had a grab on me. It is such an individual sport, which is so different than the sports here. I am in control of the outcome of my match which is why I love it. Mentally, it is taxing to be out on court by yourself and I feel that I have matured and grown because of my time on the tennis court.

What’s the team dynamic/atmosphere like on the DGS tennis team?

DGS tennis definitely has a certain culture to it, set by Coach Pete Freischlag. The team atmosphere is fun, but we are all expected to work hard no matter what and in my last four years that is all I’ve seen from myself and my teams.

Why did you decide to play at Gustavus Adolphus College? What were the deciding factors?

I picked Gustavus because of their balance of athletics and academics. They are currently ranked the #16 team in NCAA D3 tennis, which shows the quality of tennis they produce. Academically, when I have talked to other people, they have had nothing but good things to say. Many people from Minnesota say that Gustavus is a great school and during my visit I saw it for myself.

What will you be studying in college?

I’m studying physics in college and will end up going into engineering or medicine

What are you most excited about for your future?

I’m just really excited to explore the world around me. A lot of the times in high school you’re experiences are limited to where you live and how much money your family has, but once I’m off on my own I hope to be able to see the world and learn.