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Senior Kara Filice works towards entering the teaching force

Grace Stapleton
Senior Kara Filice reminisces on her time as a Little Mustang Preschool teacher.

The goal of every teacher is to instill knowledge, but for senior Kara Filice, it’s much more. She hopes to make memories that last a lifetime and instill a love for learning that carries her students through their futures.

Though Filice is only a teenager, she already has an idea of what her teaching philosophy is going to be like.

“My goal is to create a classroom in which the students feel uplifted and welcomed; I want them to feel like they belong and school is a safe place,” Filice said.

Filice beams as she explains how it has always been a goal of hers to become a teacher one day and soon that goal will become reality.

“I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was little, probably since about elementary school,” Filice said.

She describes how she is making her dreams into a reality and achieving her life-long goals of becoming an impactful teacher.

“After high school I plan on majoring in elementary education and going into the teaching profession directly after. I plan to use my student teaching to shape my classroom policies in order to create the positive dynamic I’m striving for,” Filice said.

Filice has taken several early childhood classes at DGS. She expresses how grateful she feels for the opportunities she has had to get into a classroom. As an aspiring teacher Filice cherishes each opportunity she gets to step foot in a classroom.

“I’ve been so grateful to have been able to take Early Childhood Education and Child Development where I taught in the preschool, and now I am in Intro to Teaching where I have the opportunity to student-teach in a sixth grade classroom,” Filice said.

Senior Nora Rizmani teaches with Filice as part of Intro to Teaching. She explains how Filice is beginning to model her classroom dynamic already.

“Kara is such an amazing teacher. She really makes every student feel like they have a place and that there is a purpose to them being there. If she were my teacher, I would never want to miss a day of school,” Rizmani said.

Filice explains how she hopes to be such an impactful teacher that her students will never forget her legacy. Filice wants to inspire others to become teachers as well.

“I hope to one day be the teacher that my students tell their grandkids about,” Filice said.

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