Hiram Hall prepares for collegiate wrestling


Hiram Hall will attend Elmhurst University next school year.

TeKavin Russell, Graphics/Photo Editor

Playing one sport and doing well is a challenge. Playing three and being good at them is a talent. For senior Hiram Hall, who plays football, wrestles, and throws in shot put, sports are his motivation to do well in school and stay on top of his academics.

Hall is planning to attend Elmhurst University where he will continue his wrestling career.

“I received two academic achievements. Doing sport motivates me to do better in school and helps keep my grades up,” Hall expressed.

Hall spoke on how fatiguing it can be playing sports all year round.

“It’s sorta difficult going through 3 different sports throughout the school year because I really have no break. I was always going on to the next thing but it was something I wanted to do. I love pushing myself and seeing what I can do,” Hall said.

Hall started playing football when he was 12 years old and wrestling when he was 17.

“Football was my first love but wrestling stole my heart. It was the grind of the sport that did it,” Hall said.

Hall talked about the best part of each sport and how all of them differed.

“In every sport, the attraction was different for me. In football, it was more like counting with teammates. In wrestling, it was winning matches for myself, and for shot put it was getting my technique down, Hall said.”

Hall’s former teammates have described him as smart and hospitable. Expressing that he brought a positive vibe to everything he was involved in.

“Hiram was my roommate during the summer when we had gone down to Atlanta he was a very intelligent person and he made me not feel alone as being the biggest kid on the team,” senior
Semaj Croswell said.

“Hall was always joyful and happy on our football team. He brought a positive vibe that everybody enjoyed,” junior Christopher Williams said.

Despite what may go on in his life he is always there for his teammates.

“Even when Hiram had his own bad days, he was a rock for others around him in our program,” Coach Sean Lovelace said.

Hall started playing football his junior year after transferring to DGS.At first, coaches were hard on him to see how bad he wanted it because he didn’t start out as a freshman in the program.

“He kinda came late into the season but he was bound and determined, i think he had a personal goal that he was going to be on the team.” Coach Mark Molinari said.

Hall has not only made an impact in his teammates lives but his coaches.

“Coaching Hiram has been a blessing. He brings out the best in me because I know being a great teammate is more important to him than being a great football player,” Coach Tony Nevrly said.

“I will never forget my time that I got to spend with him and I know that he will continue to be successful in his athletic, academic, professional, and personal pursuits when his time at DGS is done,” Lovelace said.

Football is nothing without the atmosphere of a team feeling. Hall said the one thing he is going to miss about highschool is his coaches and his teammates.