Board reviews student survey on April 17


The board confirms the renovations plan for the DGS music hallway flooring.

On April 17 a school board meeting was held in order to discuss the contents of a school-sponsored survey, plans to adjust the hybrid schedule for the 2023-24 school year and upcoming renovations plans.

Director of Student Experiences Ryan Doherty acknowledged that the “first year is always the hardest” in relation to the new block schedule. In order to improve the hybrid schedule Doherty discussed the materials presented in a survey sent out to all District 99 students on April 5.

The survey acknowledged many of the issues presented in the first-semester survey, in order to see if problems that occurred then are still present now.

It was also noted that there are nearly identical testing scores across the student body from this years hybrid schedule compared to previous school years, with the exception of the remote learning school year.

A big topic of discussion at the meeting was the productivity occurring during resource periods. To increase the productivity that occurs during this period there will be an option for juniors next year to enroll in SAT prep classes on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vice President of the school board Michael Davenport expressed the benefits of having SAT prep classes during resource block periods.

“[An option] not just for students who can afford [prep classes],” Davenport said.

There are also renovation plans that are being put into action: updates are being made to the DGS parking lot and new flooring will be put into the DGS music wing.