The last dance: Senior Kira Bloomfield reminisces on her dancing career


Marty Blader

Senior Kira Bloomfield expresses her feelings on parting with dance prior to leaving for college.

Senior Kira Bloomfield has been on the DGS Varsity dance team for the past four years of high school. She has also been a studio dancer outside of school at The Academy of Dance Arts. Bloomfield is not planning on continuing competitive dance going into college, but discussed how she will continue to incorporate dance in her life.

Q: How has dance impacted your high school career?
A: It gave me a large community of friends through all grades to connect to, and was a nice way to find school spirit and to be involved in the school.

Q: Was it difficult to part with dance as the high school season of it came to an end?
A: It’s definitely really sad that I won’t see my coach and teammates every day and we won’t get to see each other every day anymore, especially competition season.

Q: Why won’t you continue this sport in college?
A: It’s a really big time commitment and going into college I want to be able to have more time to do my work and go out and socialize so I can better fit into campus and get adjusted.

Q: How will it feel to be done with studio dance?
A: It’ll definitely be really sad because I’ve been dancing there since I was three and I dance there almost every day of the week, so it’ll be really sad to say bye to that part of my life.

Q: How will you stay connected to dance?
A: In college I’m planning to find an orchesis club, or a more lowkey form of dance where I can still take part in that activity without dedicating that much time.