Taking a waltz with Miroslava ballroom dancing experience

TeKavin Russell, Grapics/Photo Editor

Dance is how people express themselves when their words aren’t enough. It’s an outlet to show how you feel instead of saying it. Some do it because it’s fun, and some do it because it’s their escape. Take it from senior Miroslava Barladeanu who’s a competitive ballroom dancer.

Barladeanu was five years old when she started dancing. One day her mother took her to her first dance class to see if she had a musical ear.

“The teacher tested me on rhythm and she looked at my body movements in the first class, and she was satisfied and impressed by me. I even remember what I was wearing and how the studio looked in my first class. Since that day, I have always been a ballroom dancer,” Barladeanu said.

Barladeanu has always been the smallest person in high-level classes receiving a lot of attention because of how she dances. Although Barladeanu had to take some years off of her dance career because of health issues, it never took away her passion for dance.

“I always went back and tried to continue dancing,” Barladeanu said.

Barladeanu describes dance as an escape and a way to cope with feelings.

“The studio is like therapy for me. I dance and I forget everything that bothers me. That is why I like to have my classes always in the evening,” Barladeanu said.

Barladeanu talks about how it is dancing with a partner and the challenges of it.

“Dancing with a partner is not easy, you have to work together, feel each other, and be able to understand each other without words. This is endless work with each other and of course, this is a motivation to do your best, be on the same level, and look like a harmonious couple,” Barladeanu said.

Barladeanu’s favorite thing about competing is watching others dance. She looks at their performances and sees what they are capable of and what they need to work on.

“It is just being between people who are the same as you and understand you because we are doing the same thing and we all enjoy doing it,” Baraladenu said.

Baraladenu continues to learn and is dedicated to perfecting her craft.

“From every competition I learn something new, and every time it motivates me to do better and I think it is very important,” Baraladenu said.