Callie Santiago crafts an obsession with Minecraft


Meida Kuzminskas

Callie poses with their Ipad showcasing Minecraft, their favorite obsession.

Meida Kuzminskas, Graphics/Photo Editor

Callie Santiago is a Junior that spends their free time playing Minecraft. Like almost everyone their age, they enjoy playing Minecraft even more than doing their own homework. Callie is excited to keep their obsession with Minecraft going into their senior year.

Q: Why do you like playing Minecraft?
A: I like building things, especially pretty cottage-core houses

Q: What’s the longest amount of time you’ve played Minecraft in one sitting?
A: Ten hours

Q: What’s your favorite animal in Minecraft?
A: I like the frogs.

Q: What’s your favorite mob?
A: The Enderman, they look funny but also scare me. If you stare at them they get angry, which is kind of like how I feel.

Q: How long have you been playing Minecraft?
A: I’m going through a playing phase right now, but I’ve played on and off since I was ten.