Junior Kaden Van Hoegarden fights zombies and crocodiles


Owen Chaidez

Van Hoegarden thought hard on coming up with the best choices for these scenarios.

Kaden Van Hoegarden is a Junior who likes to make jokes and spend time with his friends. He gave his thoughts on these combat-based questions.

Q: Would you rather fight one duck-sized horse or five horse-sized ducks
A: It depends on their environment, like right here [in the commons]. I would go with one horse-sized duck, because it’s small and it’ll only run under chairs and tables.

Q: If you had to fight 100 of any celebrity, who would it be and why?
A: Stephen Hawking, he can’t really do much besides run you over with his wheelchair.

Q: Would you rather be chased by Micheal Myers or Jason
A: I’ll go with Jason, since I’d probably be dead anyways.

Q: If you had to survive in the wild with an crocodile, a bear, a hippo, or a gorilla for 24 hours, what would you pick and why
A: If it’s in their environment, I would go with the crocodile because I feel like you could outrun them even though they’re really fast, and if you get far enough away they probably won’t give chase.

Q: Which fictional universe would you rather live in; I Am Legend or World War Z
A: I Am Legend, because you just have to bunker down at night.