Masque and Gavel students take a ‘shot’ at short film


NB Bandera

Students stage and record a scene in the DGS weight room.

In this year’s IHSA competitive drama state series, students will be competing in a new event for DGS: short film. Competitors will be tasked with writing, casting, directing, shooting and editing an original, five-minute-long short film to submit for judging.

The short film team is comprised of senior directors Bradley Padavic, Mason Townsend and Joshua Traugott along with a cast and crew of 15 other students. The production must be entirely student-created, giving participants a unique look at the world of filmmaking.

“The professional atmosphere is very exciting. We have a budget and access to DGS costumes and props which is so cool. I’m just excited to see how we can [make] it into the film the best way possible to bring out the best short film we can in the time provided,” Traugott said.

By including a short film team in this year’s drama state series, DGS will reach beyond its traditional involvement in solely acting events.

“I’m excited to have mustang representation at the drama tournament in more than just [Group Interpretation]. I’m also excited to see students that are not your typical speech and theater students that are going to get involved in this competitive event,” club sponsor Christopher Blum said.

The short film will be submitted for judging at the Oak Lawn drama series sectional on March 18, where the team will look to advance to state.

“We’re here to win but our main priority is to make something we’re proud of and as long as everyone on board is having a good time, and we’re all proud of the outcome, that’s what matters most,” Traugott said.