Boys varsity basketball loses against rivals Hinsdale South

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Shawn McNamara

DGS player Richard Gasmen shooting a free-throw shot on Jan. 27.

After blood, sweat, tears and a ripped jersey, the DGS varsity boys basketball team had a tough loss to their rivals, the Hinsdale South Hornets on Jan. 27. DGS only made 29% of the baskets they shot; having them end the game with a 69-52 loss, making their record six wins and two losses in conference.

“Lethargic, I didn’t feel like we as a coaching staff got them prepared enough. We didn’t have them ready, credit to Hinsdale South, it kind of took us to get punched in the mouth before we responded, and it was a little too late. That was what the case was for us tonight; we kinda ran out of gas and put our backs to the wall and didn’t have enough left,” Miller said.

DGS player Justin Sveiteris won the jump ball against HSHS player Brendan Savage; however, DGS failed to score the first basket of the game. Instead, HSHS guard Jack Weigus scored the first to start the game off, putting HSHS in the lead of 3-0. A couple of minutes later, DGS player Will Potter made the first two points for DGS putting them on the score bored.

DGS called two of their four time-outs during this quarter with a time of 5:56 remaining and then again with 59.8 seconds remaining of the quarter. Coming out of the first time out, DGS came out with six guys instead of five, causing them to get a technical foul which gave HSHS two free-throw shots.

The quarter ended, 26-7 with HSHS in the lead.

“There are only 32 minutes and we wasted the first quarter,” Miller said.

DGS doubled the number of points they scored in the first quarter, 39-25 HSHS still in the lead after the second quarter ended. The top scorer for DGS in the first half was player Daniel Sveiteris at 11 points.

The third quarter was the closest and bloodiest of the four, 47-34, HSHS still in the lead. HSHS player Matthew Peczulis ended up on the ground with a bloody nose, leaving the game with blood on his jersey.

“The first quarter and a half we didn’t play together; we started yelling at each other in the second quarter. The third we played better, but it wasn’t enough,” Potter said.

Following into the fourth quarter with the same aggression, HSHS player Matthew Rudolph had to change his jersey due to a DGS player accidentally ripping his jersey.

Two players fouled out in the fourth quarter: DGS player Daniel Sveiteris and HSHS player Bolte. The quarter ended with a 69-52 loss for DGS.