Community comes together to create fierce team on ice


Steve Lingenfelter

Comprised of students from five different schools across the county, the DuPage Stars take the ice.

Ava Lafin, Editor-in-Chief

After attending five different schools, DGS, DGN, Hinsdale South, Lisle and Westmont, players from the DuPage Stars hockey team come together to play as one. The dynamic of different athletes brings the team an edge. The varsity team of 20 players uses the talents of students across the county to make the best team.

Head varsity coach John Woodring shared about the way they come together to form one team.

“Having multiple schools helps fill our roster and allows players an opportunity to play high school hockey. It takes a few practices for the players to warm up to each other, but after week one, the players have created some great new friendships,” Woodring said.

Senior Anthony Chalada mentioned working with teammates from different schools.

“It gives us the chance to hangout with more people, and form a brotherhood with some kids you haven’t met the year before,” Chalada said.

Teams at DGS have the opportunity to have different teams as students graduate or come into school, but DuPage Stars has the unique opportunity to pick from students from 5 different schools to fill their roster with the best players. With the excitement of athletes from different schools this unique team can have challenges.

“Our biggest challenge has been playing with consistency. We are a young team on the rise and that comes with learning experiences. Our players are growing as well as our club,” Woodring said.

DGN player Andrew Kropp mentioned how different schools coming together has affected his experience.

“It is interesting to see multiple schools on the roster. I get to make new friends, most I haven’t even talked to before tryouts,” Kropp said.

The camaraderie from different schools brings the county closer together and allows students to support not only their school’s team but also others from around the area.

Senior Joey Gadzala frequently attends games and commented on the loud and energetic environment of the student section at games.

“The stands are packed with students from different schools and I think it is cool how all of the community comes together to form a team that otherwise wouldn’t be there if only one school participated,” Gadzala said.

Woodring spoke on what he looks for in a player with the large pool from different schools to choose from.

“Great hockey players or any great athlete do all the extras to make themselves elite. Hockey players arrive to the rink early and stay later working on the simple things. They are also good communicators and lead by example on and off the ice,” Woodring said.

DuPage Stars plays Naperville North on Jan. 28 at 6:05 p.m.