Top 10 pie flavors


Whether made in the kitchen or bought at the store, these top 10 pies should definitely be tried.

Lauren Miranda, Features Editor

Pie is one of America’s favorite desserts, and there seems to be an endless amount of flavors to try. With National Pie Day on Jan. 23, I am here to slice through the countless varieties of delicious flavors and serve you with my ultimate top ten.

#10: Apple Pie

Although originating from England, this dish is a classic staple on American dining room tables and never fails to make an appearance during the crisp fall season. Its familiar flavors makes this a comfort dessert item for many, and the cinnamon-apple aroma that wafts throughout the kitchen when freshly pulled from the oven is mouth-watering.

#9: Pecan Pie

Although nuts are definitely not enjoyed by everyone, pecan pie seems to hold a special place in the heart of many. They are a common holiday treat and will leave you reminiscing on hot chocolate and autumn days.

#8: Coconut Cream Pie
For many, coconut is a hit or miss, you either love it or hate it. I personally love it, as the creamy and sweet flavor allows me to reflect on distant summer days. The tropical fruit has created a taste that people have enjoyed for generations, and never fails to become a staple flavor in any dessert.

#7: Lemon Meringue Pie

The sugary, lemon flavor that radiates from this pie’s airy filling makes this one of the sweetest desserts around. The fluffy, toasted meringue topping is so unique that it’s a standout dessert amongst the rest. If you love all things sugary and sweet, then this pie is definitely for you.

#6: Cherry Pie

This classic pie is a favorite to many, and for good reason. The strong cherry flavor bursts in your mouth with each bite, and the crust creates a perfect balance to the sweet fruit. Although this dessert is best enjoyed during a warm summer picnic, this pie can definitely be served all year round.

#5: Chocolate Cream Pie

This simple pie has done an amazing job of creating that decadent chocolate flavor found at the heart of many desserts. The rich pudding filling layered on the oreo pie crust provides a sweet-tasting dessert that is guaranteed to be found in any chocolate lover’s dream.

#4: Blueberry Pie

Who doesn’t love blueberry pie? This staple dessert is so frequently enjoyed that a description of flavor seems almost unnecessary. But for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, the sugary blueberry filling paired with the sweet crust creates the perfect pop of flavor fit for any occasion.

#3: Oreo Pie

This creative take on one of America’s favorite cookies is a great way to satisfy any sweet tooth. The unique oreo crust mixed with the oreo-cream filling creates an out-of-the-box dessert that anyone, especially those who love oreo cookies, needs to try.

#2: Key Lime Pie

This simple and zesty dessert delivers a powerful punch of lime guaranteed to transport anyone into a warm summer atmosphere. The best key lime pies are found in Florida due to its main ingredient, key limes, growing only in weather that stays warm all year. If you ever find yourself at a Florida restaurant, you should definitely order this dessert.

#1: Pumpkin Pie

This pie is an absolute must-have during fall festivities, which in my opinion is the best time of year. The pumpkin flavor makes this treat so unique and special to enjoy, and topping it off with some whipped cream adds just the right amount of sweetness. No Thanksgiving is complete without a delicious slice (or two) of pumpkin pie.