DGS relocates testing center


A student takes a test within the new testing center loctation.

Meida Kuzminskas, Graphics/Photo editor

The testing center has moved to the third floor C hall study loft. This is for better access towards students with accommodations. It is also meant to be easier to find compared to its previous location near the second floor study hall room.

Lora Bruno, a student supervisor who works at the testing center, shares how she feels about the testing center.

“I’m excited about the change, it was secluded in the old part of the school. It really didn’t feel like you were a part of the school. I love being more centrally located,” Bruno said.

Bruno also mentions the possible downsides to being in this new location

“It can have its pros and cons, mainly the noise. You do get more distractions being in this location, but that is something we could look into down the road,” Bruno said

Many students have their own reasons for liking/disliking this change. One student is junior Nahla Mokkath. She stated her opinion towards the new change.

“I liked the quiet area and how it was far from the regular parts of the school and how it was stress free. While this one is more in the school, it’s accessible for everyone. I didn’t like the old one because the hallway leading to it was very nerve racking,“ Mokkath said.

Mokkath mentions how she thinks that students reacted.

“It’s mixed reviews for everyone, it was an unexpected change and it confused people,” Mokkath said.

Bruno notes the importance of the student’s opinions.

“It’s very important how the students feel about it, if the students find it a good place. It’s kind of like a trial, let’s see how this works,” Bruno said.