Fine Arts Department showcases student achievement


Anthony Addante

The Fine Arts Festival will take place on Dec. 8

Anthony Addante, Copy Editor

The Fine Arts Festival and Winter Concert is a long-standing tradition of DGS which unites all the parts of fine arts in one large showcase.

Junior Hannah Venzon, a cellosit, spoke on her experiences with the event.

“It is really enjoyable. I think the winter concert is a really unique opportunity to celebrate multiple cultures and holidays that I don’t really experience myself, [and] I get to experience them with a whole bunch of other people,” Venzon said.

The concert typically features a wide variety of songs that range from comedic to emotional. All of the songs will be different from last year apart from Sleigh Ride. The choir and band both participate in the song, and the audience is encouraged to sing along.

Venzon spoke about the piece.

“We’re playing sleigh ride…it’s really fun. The choir sings in it; the band plays in it. Everyone does it,” Venzon said.

The experience is also shared with the directors. Choir director Belford Hernandez spoke on what the tradition of the concert and festival mean to him.

“The winter concert is very special for all of us. Obviously for me, because we got the opportunity to see all the students in fine arts performing. We have the band, and in addition [we] have the orchestra, and obviously in addition with the choir,” Hernandez said.

He also spoke on how all of the other fine arts programs participating makes the event a truly large celebration.

“We also have the students who are in the fine arts classes. I’m talking about ceramics, painting [and] drawing. They have the opportunity to put their art outside of the auditorium, so that when people come to the concert they are able to see that. For me, it’s a huge celebration of what we can do with the arts here at DGS,” Hernandez said.

The Winter Concert will be held on Thursday, Dec. 8. The art displays will be able to be viewed prior to and after the concert.