Top 10 worst Halloween candies


Hugo Pletcher

Candy is everywhere on Halloween, but some candies are a waste of time when trick-or-treating.

Hugo Pletcher, Opinions Editor

As a kid, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” taught me a lot about Halloween. When Charlie Brown and his friends go trick-or-treating, he arrives at each door just to leave with one item – a rock. Sometimes when I go trick-or-treating, I receive candies that make me envious of Charlie Brown.

There are a wide variety of candies given out every Halloween. Unfortunately, not all candies are created equally. These are my least favorite candies to receive on Halloween: the ones that really make me drop my head in agony as I drag my feet to the next house.

10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I am starting this list off hot with a known fan favorite. These candies are the definition of overrated; they are dry, boring, sad and by the time you have had three, you will need to chug a half-gallon of water.

9. Candy corn

Before anyone starts agreeing with me, I tactically placed candy corn at number nine, because I believe that it is over-hated. People argue that it is the worst of the worst in terms of candy, and while I can understand that it isn’t the best, I think it’s time we all grow up and respect candy corn for its place in Halloween society.

8. Almond Joys/Mounds

This is another example where I firmly believe that these are over-hated. I understand that they may not take you to paradise during your 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work hours, but they can be a pleasant snack when you are in a very specific, tropical mood.

7. Milky Ways

Now, let me explain – these taste good, but they are impossible to eat without ending up with jaw pains. The annoyance of the chewiness and stringiness is simply not justified, and frankly I would rather just have another candy bar.

6. Butterfingers

If Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are dry and artificial, Butterfingers will turn your tongue into a desert plain. They do everything that Reese’s does wrong, but literally just worse; they are drier, worst-tasting and also messy.

5. Banana Laffy Taffy

Sometimes I wonder if this is even safe for human consumption with how bright yellow it is. And honestly, the taste only reinforces that question in my head: how are these still being made – who eats these?

4. Tootsie Rolls

These are impossible to eat without getting them stuck in your teeth, which is a huge negative factor – not to mention they taste like stale chocolate jelly. This is grandma candy, and even when grandma pulls them out, you cannot help but shake your head in disappointment.

3. Black licorice

I’m sure that this is no surprise; every time “bad candies” are discussed, black licorice is sure to be mentioned. While I agree that the taste can be insulting, I am placing this at number three to send a message: one that will be proven with number two.

2. Twizzlers

Yes, I wholeheartedly believe that red licorice is worse than black licorice in terms of flavor, smell and appearance. This disgusting candy spaghetti is the least-natural red I have ever seen; with a rubber consistency, a subpar taste and a history of making me throw up in the third grade, Twizzlers truly do deserve to be below black licorice.

1. Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses

If you have to look that up, I do not blame you; I have only ever known them as “those weird candies that somehow end up in my trick-or-treat bag in the orange and black wax wrappers.” To be honest, I could not tell you what these taste like, which speaks volumes; I think my brain has done everything possible in order to block the memory due to these being boring, forgettable and yet still given out every year.

I feel obligated to put a disclaimer that while the candies discussed are quite nasty, all of these are better than that one health guru who hands out dental floss or an apple. Don’t be that person. Seriously, don’t be that person.