Surfer Boy Pizza truck set to make an appearance at the homecoming dance


Khita Cunningham

The Surfer Boy Pizza truck featured throughout season 4 of Stranger Things

Watch out Brochachos, there will be free Surfer Boy Pizza slices at the homecoming dance.

When Senior Director of Marketing at Palermos’s Pizza and father of two DGS students John Leonardo heard that the homecoming theme was Stranger Things, he immediately wanted to donate their Surfer Boy Pizza truck for the dance. For those who haven’t seen “Stranger Things,” or haven’t gotten to the fourth season yet, Surfer Boy Pizza plays a prominent role in the show.

Leonardo talks about how he is excited to provide samples of the popular pizza that is shown in the TV series.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to bring Surfer Boy Pizza to Downers Grove South to help create a memorable Stranger Things experience for this year’s homecoming dance. We hope that students enjoy a slice of Surfer Boy at the event and then also at home when they are watching the show,” Leonardo said.

Palermo’s Villa Inc. partnered with Netflix to bring the flavors alive for fans to enjoy while they are watching the show.

Student Activities Director Jennifer Martinez tells how it all connects together.

“It’ll be really exciting for people who have watched all four seasons to see the connection of Surfer Boy Pizza at our dance,” Martinez said.

The pizza truck will have no additional cost at the dance. Students can enjoy a slice of Palermo’s while dancing under the stars.

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