Trejo spends his study hall in the DGS Commons


Annie Metherd

Jason Trejo plays catch with a tennis ball every day during his study hall in the commons.

Jason Trejo is a member of the incoming sophomore class at DGS. As a member of the DGS Speech Team, he competes in oratory and impromptu speaking. When we first met Trejo, he was walking through the commons during his seventh period study hall and we asked him about how he occupies his free time during his study hall.

Q: Where are you going?
A: I was going to pick up a ball that I dropped. I was playing with it in the commons.

Q: Why did you drop the tennis ball?
A:I was just bouncing it, it’s my thing[playing with the tennis ball] that I do in the commons during my study hall.

Q:Who were you playing catch with?
A: I was playing catch with my friend Nathan. We play catch every day in study hall.

Q:Where did you get this tennis ball?
A:It’s a random tennis ball that I bring from home everyday.

Q: Why do you play with a tennis ball in the commons?
A: I just enjoy it when I have nothing else to do and it’s far more convenient than something like basketball. When I don’t have any homework, my friends and I will play with the tennis ball.