The best six ways to prompose to your bae


Ema Paskevicius

Simply just asking someone to prom is only half the battle.

Ema Paskevicius, Copy Editor

Are you getting tired of seeing the same, basic poster board prom proposals on your social media feed? If so, it’s time for you to go above and beyond and truly impress your significant other. Here is your guide to promposing to your bae in six, distinctive ways that they will always remember.

Do a scavenger hunt
Whether you want to make your scavenger hunt unpredictable or foreseeable, there are many ways you can go about your theme. Not only is this a pleasant surprise to you partner, you get to put your imagination into something that’s enjoyable for you as well. Doing a scavenger hunt as a prom proposal allows you and your partner to engage in something that is more entertaining than just posing the question.

Make it foodie inspired
Who doesn’t enjoy a delightful proposal let alone a sweet treat on the side? Reveal the big question by bringing in your significant other’s favorite food into the picture. Start getting creative with how you want to pose the question; you can spell the question out with icing on a cake, laying out pepperonis on a pizza, spelling it out with cookie shapes and more.

Put together a puzzle
What better way to ask your significant other to prom other than putting the puzzle pieces together? Whether you make or buy this puzzle, solving it is entertaining and thought-provoking for the both of you. Once you put it together, there will only be one more thing left to do: answer the question.

Decorate their car
Yes, sticky notes may be a lot to handle, but they definitely make quite the difference as a promposal. Cover your significant other’s car with sticky notes, and use a different color to spell out ‘PROM?’ As soon as they head over to their car, they may not even recognize it; all eyes will be on you as everyone in the parking lot gathers to see what your answer is.

Grab a furry friend
No one can say no to an adorable set of puppy eyes. Start off by making an animal related pun sign, and place this sign next to your furry friend. Not only is this idea going to leave your significant other in awe, you’ll be heading off to prom in the most “pawrfect” way.

Gather friends together
Make your proposal funnier by getting some friends together to put it together. Grab five friends and create DIY t-shirts, each friend with a letter on their shirt. There’s no better way to carry out the idea than at a sporting event, or a group gathering; the proposal will leave everyone wishing they had the idea that you did.

Whether you’re planning to bring someone to prom or not, this list of ideas can be used to your advantage. Use these six ways to prompose to your bae wisely.