Music from New York’s finest, Fivio Foreign finally releases album


Owen Atseff, Video News Director

Fivio Foreign released his second album, titled “B.I.B.L.E.,” on April 8, 2022. The album, which was originally scheduled for release on March 25, featured artists such as Polo G and A$AP Rocky. The album was well produced and Fivio delivered a very solid album, however it suffered from using repetitive sounding songs.

Born in New York City, Fivio clearly uses his hometown as an inspiration in this album. The theme of New York is very prevalent on songs like “City of Gods,” featuring fellow New York artists Alicia Keys and Kanye West. Most of the songs drew influence from the late New York/ Brooklyn artist Pop Smoke, who was referenced as the former “king” in charge of NYC in the aforementioned song.

Most of the songs on the album featured the style of hip-hop called Brooklyn drill, which consists of heavy percussion specifically 808’s. This style of music is Fivio Foreign’s strong suit and the style of music which he is most recognized for, so naturally the album features a lot of it. This is both a positive and negative because Fivio is able to release a lot of his best work, but all the songs sound very similar.

The other prevalent theme of the album is God, which could be seen in the name of the album. The first track, titled “On God,” featured a chorus sung by KayCyy that sounded very gospel-like. Fivio throughout the album takes a few moments to thank God for the blessings.

One of the takeaways from the album was how well produced it was. Kanye West, who was featured, executive produced this album and his influence was clear. The songs were all cohesive and of a high quality, and the beats combined with the lyrics in a very sonically pleasing way.

Features really helped break up the monotony of the album’s sounds. Each artist brought their own unique sound to the songs they were on and there was a nice interruption from Fivio’s signature type of music. Standout features included: the crooning of Vory on “Changed on Me,” Lil Yachty’s verse on “Slime Them” and KayCyy on “On God.”

Apart from the album’s repetitiveness, it was almost flawless. The album had a really strong start with my two favorite tracks coming immediately as tracks one and two, “On God” and “Through the Fire” respectively. It had an unnecessary interlude from DJ Khaled, but sandwiched that with two solid tracks, the former being “World Watching” that interestingly used Ellie Goldings song “Light” as a sample, and previously mentioned “Changed on Me” coming after.

B.I.B.L.E is a fantastic album, and each song is deserving of a listen. The album is definitely worth a listen in its entirety, and presents a great representation of Fivio and Brooklyn drill as a whole.