Varsity boys baseball attempts to slide into IHSA history


Sheila Utz

DGS boys baseball will look to take the diamond for their first game on March 22 in hopes of starting off their journey to 1000 wins.

Ava Lafin, Opinions Editor

According to the Illinois High School Sports Association (IHSA), only 22 boys baseball teams have won 1,000 games throughout their history. The DGS boys baseball team has an opportunity to become the 23rd team to win this achievement with just 17 wins to go.

Senior and veteran player Nathan Waterman spoke on how he and his team are working towards this goal.

“I’m getting my arm ready and also hanging out with some of my teammates, working together and building some of that camaraderie that’s really important for having a good team chemistry and getting a lot of wins,” Waterman said.

The team will play a total of 35 games this year including 15 home games. Players on the team believe in their odds of winning 17 to reach the monumental goal.

The large goal to win 1000 games pushes the team in games as well as practices all season long.

“He really knows what’s happening in our community whether it’s academically, athletically, activities, or with the parents. I think he’s the heart of South,” Waterman said.

Darren Orel, head coach of the varsity baseball team explains how he and his team are working towards their goals this season. He reiterated that consistency is key and practices are the most important part of gaining skills for the season.

Orel spoke about the challenge of the team’s conference.

“We have 18 conference games. It’s always very competitive on our side of the gold,” Orel said.

Orel refers to the West Suburban Conference consisting of 14 schools outside of the Chicagoland area. DGS is in the Gold conference for its sports, a subsection of this conference.

Waterman spoke about other goals for the team this season.

“I have good expectations. I’d like to win a conference championship and I would also love to get a regional championship too,” Waterman said.

Waterman hopes to have one of the 17 wins this season, on the road to 1000, against Hinsdale Central.

“Last year we lost to them in the sectional in a really close game. I’m looking forward to getting the experience to play them again, get some revenge maybe,” Waterman said.

The teams’ home opener is April 2 vs St. Charles East.