Your guide to spending spring break from home

Ema Paskevicius, Copy Editor

The sun has been stowed away for months and students long for a hot, summer day at the beach. But what about those, including myself, who won’t be leaving town? Here are some not-so-thought-about ways to enjoy spring break from home.

Have an outdoor movie night
Take advantage of the spring weather by having an outdoor movie night. All it takes is a projector (which can be rented from a local library if you don’t own one), some sort of screened surface and your favorite movie. Hosting an outdoor movie comes with no cost, and it also allows for the creation of desired snacks. While going to your nearby movie theater is enjoyable all year round, an outdoor movie is more engaging and guarantees intimate time with family and friends in a pleasant atmosphere.

Go to a roller rink
When was the last time you roller skated? 8th grade? If you’re not one to exercise often, going to a roller rink may just be the perfect active exercise activity for you. Not only is roller skating a low impact workout, it’s a fun way to socialize with your friends and family. The roller rink is not usually crowded and upbeat music plays as you skate, making it an enjoyable time for everyone.

Visit local museums
By visiting local museums, you are supporting businesses and keeping important places open. Local museums will expand your views and knowledge on different cultures, styles, backgrounds and talents of people. Museums educate the community and play a key part in maintaining a prosperous civil society. If you believe that visiting a local museum would be interesting, there are a variety of museums you can visit based on your interests, including The Art Institute of Chicago, WNDR Museum, Field Museum and many others.

Becoming a tourist in your own city is a fantastic way to spend spring break from home. (Ema Paskevicius)

Be a tourist in your own city
Unconsciously, we may take the city of Chicago for granted. With the city being the third largest in the United States, there are many perks such as restaurants and attractions that you can visit. There’s so much to explore beyond the basic “big” parts of the city; simply just Google places to go in Chicago or take a simple stroll around once you get there. Take pictures while you’re at it, they will become memories you will remember forever.

Purge your closet
Organizing and cleaning may not sound like one’s cup of tea…unless there’s a way you could make some quick cash off of it. Start by going through old bins and finding clothing, shoes or accessories you don’t find visually appealing anymore and sell these items at a reasonable price through social media apps. Not only are you organizing your closet, you’ll soon be surprised at how much money you are making from selling.

Create a vision board
Now that spring break has allowed you to have some free time on your hands, creating a vision board will take your mind off of the things that may be stressing you out. A vision board can be made to your imagination, and it can include a variety of ideas including words and images that remind you of your values, goals in life, dreams and desires. A vision board can also just be filled with the things that make you happy, such as motivational quotes, memories, postcards, magazine clippings and more.

Whether your spring break involves a lot of downtime, this list of ideas is something to keep at the back of your head while spending spring break at home.