Peach Pit crafts the perfect album for this spring

The most listened to song on the album is Vickie, which has about 2.5 million streams on Spotify.

Abigail Durkin

The most listened to song on the album is “Vickie”, which has about 2.5 million streams on Spotify.

Abigail Durkin, Opinions Editor

On Mar. 4, the Vancouver based band Peach Pit released their third album “From 2 to 3”. The eleven-track record conveys nostalgic summers with steady melodies and clean production, making it the perfect spring break road trip album.

The album has a more organic upbeat tone and catchy riffs throughout, making the listener feel as though Peach Pit was playing live right in the room with them. This is due in large part to the band’s decision to pair up with producer Robbie Lackritz- who has previously worked with Feist and Jack Johnson.

Together they had decided to remove the vocal effects and instead record each band member playing multiple instruments live including; drums, piano, guitar, tambourine, harmonica.

With heavy Canadian folk and Indie roots, Peach pit members includes vocals from Neil Smith, Chris Vanderkooy on guitar, Peter Wilton on bass, and Mikey Pascuzzi on drums.

Similar to their past albums, “From 2 to 3” focuses on subjects of past loves, friends, and sun-kissed memories. Paying a homage to when the band first formed during 2015, when the four members were all in high school.

The previously released promotional singles “Vickie,” “Up Granville” and “Look Out!” were included in the albums tracklist.

“Up Granville” is the first song on the album, with a wistful guitar melody to introduce the dusky-summer riffs and calm raspy vocals. The perfect introduction song for the album establishing the tone for the rest of the album.

The song includes multiple references to the band’s home city, the most notable reference being the title, Granville Street, a well-known entertainment district in Vancouver. Using Granville Street to be the setting where they view a past love self sabotage their relationship,

“Call me to deny that I had loved you/ When I already can’t even walk past 12th to get up Granville/ Even at the golden light of morning”

The next song on the track, “Vickie” embraces a playful and upbeat melody. Integrating the familiar rock and roll guitar rhythms from past albums, the song is a humorous reflection of what life would be like if Vickie lived next door,

“If you lived right down the street/ You’d bе hanging ’round me like a creep/ That’s why I like you though”.

The next two songs on the album, “Lips Like Yours” and “Pepsi on the House” continue to follow the rock energy, opposing to the relaxed beach bonfire vibe of the album.

The second half of the album was introduced with “Look Out!”, a calm, yearning song with a strong lead guitar performance. The easy to follow chorus and melody lets the subject of missing an old partner shine.

“Look out for me, won’t you though?/ I just might pass you by/ Out here tonight/ Would you like me to go?”

The next four songs “Everything About You”, “Give Up Baby Go”, “Last Days of Lonesome” and “Drips on a Wire” follow the same yearning and folksy feeling of the previous tracks. Crafting the same warmth and familiarity of watching the sunset on a cool night, especially the rural acoustics displayed in the guitar section of “Give Up Baby Go” and soothing vocals throughout the tracks.

The bassline in the chorus of “2015” the second to last song on the album provides a garage rock tone to compliment the softer psychedelic vocals, crafting melancholy lyrics about a past relationship into a citrus type melody.

“Without you, there’d be no other/ 2015”

“From 2 to 3” includes a light guitar base and rough vocals similar to Peach Pits past albums clean riffs and artistic feel. The song does a solid job of finishing the pop-indie album with a dazed, comfortable feeling.

This album in all of its young free-spirited glory, is a well-deserved win for Peach Pit.

In the meantime, Peach Pit announced a 48-date tour across North America, the UK and Europe in spring of 2022. Meaning that fans of this album and the band can now watch them play live for the first time since the quarantine mandiate.