‘Another Man’s Jeans’: Was it worth the wait?


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Casey Muzykansky, Copy Editor

On Dec. 12 2021, a creator known as heyimashe on TikTok, and Ashe in the music industry, began teasing a new song called “Another Man’s Jeans” on Tik Tok. On that day, she only released the first four lyrics, “Once upon a time,” and after hearing just the first measure everyone knew it was going to be a hit.

This shot fans into a frenzy as it was the first time she had released anything since earlier that year, in May, when she had released her debut album “Ashlyn.”

Ashe went on to tease more and more of the song for the next month until she started filming the music video in Mexico and getting ready to release the song in mid-January.

Two weeks later, Ashe was told that all of the films from the making of the music video had been ruined and were completely unusable. In disbelief she refused to give up, Ashe flew back to Mexico and started from scratch. She took what money she had left and shot the entire music video again.

Late February Ashe went on tik tok and explained the entire situation. She then went on to release the date of the song, which came out on March 3 2022.

After almost three long months, she was able to release the song, but was it worth the wait? Was the song worth sitting in my room refreshing TikTok every few minutes to see if she had released any new information?

The day “Another Man’s Jeans” came out I listened to it during every class period, on repeat. I’m convinced I make up over 1,000 of the Spotify listens on this song.

Unlike Ashe’s other songs including “Moral of the Story”, “Till Forever Falls Apart” and “When I’m Older,” this song is very poppy and enthusiastic. When I listen to it I want to get up and begin dancing around.

I first listened to this song right when it came out in the Central Time Zone, at 11:00 pm on March 2. I was sleepily scrolling through Tik Tok when her account popped up on my For You Page; I immediately went to Spotify and found the song. If I wasn’t half asleep I would’ve grabbed a hairbrush and sang the song bouncing around in front of my mirror.

The song begins with an energizing beat that seeps through my AirPods into my ears and intrigues me right away. When Ashe says:

“Oh, Los Angeles is fine / Let’s take a drive through the city”

It shows how she is trying to have fun even after leaving a relationship.

Within one minute the tone changes slightly, becoming a bit more aggressive and more like a breakup song yet still keeping the joyous energy. Ashe uses language like:

“Was a timе, not so long ago / You couldn’t keep your hands off me / I know lovers like to burn / Wе could burn until it turns / Right from winter into spring”

She fades this part into more of a potential breakup song as the beat becomes faster. After the third verse, the song shifts into a confrontational piece saying:

‘Alright, here’s what I’m not saying / Let’s get back together”

Ashe shows that the character in the song is finished with the “we” in the relationship. This is continued throughout the final portion of the song ending in:

“I can be the girl in another man’s jeans”

These lyrics are repeated twice at the end, with the first being at the speech of the song but then the other begins the last few seconds of the song where the color completely shifts into a more slow and monster-like tone.

“Another Man’s Jeans” is a masterpiece that I will continue listening to and dancing in the mirror with my hairbrush. It is unlike anything I have ever heard from Ashe, showing a wonderful change of pace in an extremely talented artist.