Dressing for the festivities: The search for prom dresses begins


Faith Nelson

DGS’s prom will be held at Bolingbrook Golf Club on May 17.

Sydney Richardson, Features Editor

When COVID-19 caused mass lockdowns in 2020, it led to the cancellation of events that involved several people gathering together. What no one knew at the time was that these same events would continue to be contingent upon the state of the pandemic two years later, including celebrations like senior prom.

However, hope is on the horizon for this spring, as DGS has set a date and location for an outdoor prom with fewer COVID-19 restrictions than 2021. In honor of the occasion, prom dress shopping is in motion.

Many students that plan on wearing dresses to prom have already bought them. Among those students is Senior Adreana Duarte, who has already looked for and bought the dress she wanted. Duarte explained why she started shopping for the dress so far in advance of prom.

“I wanted to make sure I got my dress in time, especially since I ordered online. I also wanted to make sure I really liked the dress so I gave myself time to think about it and make the decision,” Duarte said.

Even dress sellers agree that it is the right time of year to start looking for the perfect outfit. Teresa Mallardi from Mona Lisa Boutique in Addison, IL shared what she believes is the ideal time to shop.

“The best months for prom shopping are [the] end of [February] and March,” Mallardi said.

The glamorous American tradition of prom, and consequently, dress shopping, has adapted just as much as the rest of the world. In the modern day, shopping is no longer limited to what is in nearby stores. Since online shopping is more readily available, options are more plentiful which for some, makes the process of picking the perfect dress much quicker.

Duarte shared how the availability of online shopping made her shopping experience more convenient.

“It honestly took one day. I tried the dress I wanted in [the] store but they didn’t have my color so I just decided to order it,” Duarte said.

Senior Abby Rook also used the internet to her advantage when looking for her dress.

“Before going out to find a dress, I looked online at different stores to find what I liked and disliked. Once I found my inspiration, I went to stores to start searching,” Rook said.

Since purchasing her dress, Duarte is excited to celebrate prom at DGS.

“I’ve been waiting for prom since the 4th grade so I’m really excited to actually start planning and experience everything,” Duarte said.

Rook shares the same feelings of excitement.

“I am very excited to go to prom. I have been waiting to go to prom, especially because in every high school movie they make prom this super extravagant thing and a night to remember,” Rook said.

After so much uncertainty regarding prom the last two years, many seniors are grateful to have the celebration after earlier graduating classes missed out on the typical experiences. Rook explained her sympathy for the classes of 2020 and 2021 and her gratitude towards the current plan for DGS’s dance.

“I know for the year 2020, all the seniors were probably heartbroken because prom is a senior-only dance and they had to wait all year to be let down because of the outbreak of COVID-19. With last year’s prom being very strict on what they [could] do, I think the class of 2022 will get to experience a small piece of a pre-pandemic prom,” Rook said.