Picking and keeping your New Year’s resolution

Sally Lichner

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August 11, 2022

Sally Lichner

In the new year, make sure to keep resolutions realistic.

“New year, new me,” the saying goes. Everyone knows that when a new year rolls in, the resolutions tag along with it.

New year’s resolutions are hard to maintain though, why? They are extremely unrealistic. People shouldn’t have to contort themselves to unrealistic expectations just for the sake of having a resolution.

Most people say they want to go to the gym every day, eat zero sugar or wake up at six every morning. This mindset is not only practically impossible, but it’s extremely toxic. People tend to forget the most important piece of the puzzle: day-to-day living.

There are going to be days when you feel under the weather. There are going to be days where you worked late the night before and need to sleep in. There are days when you’re out with friends at a party and eat some birthday cake.

This is why most people end up quitting or forgetting their new year’s resolutions. They might fail on the second day and give up entirely. Some people stick it out for a few weeks until all of a sudden they break down and quit.

Although it is good to set goals for yourself, make sure that they are somewhat realistic and won’t tear you up from the inside out. Here are some new year’s resolutions that you can keep and maintain throughout 2022 in a healthy and manageable way.

This first one should be the easiest by far: Be nicer to people. Try to do something nice for someone different each day. Start setting a reminder up on your phone every day to do something as simple as opening a door or checking in on a friend.

The human body’s most vital resource is water, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Invest in a Hydro Flask or a cute Camelback this new year to carry with you everywhere. Download PlantNanny2, a fun water drinking reminder app and game.

Work on becoming a millionaire this year, or just saving a few hundred; spend less money and start saving by downloading Everydollar or another budgeting app. Keep track of your spending by separating your needs from your wants or even long-term saving goals. It’s as simple as watching how much you spend at Starbucks, fast food or a gaming console.

Start lowering that screen time this new year. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on TikTok or playing Rocket League for hours, try reading, baking or taking a walk instead. You can even start off simply by setting more time limits and reminders to save some brain cells.

Now, eating healthier can get blown out of proportion. When starting a new diet, it’s easy to slip into unhealthy and dangerous habits. Buy some delicious fruits and vegetables to throw into your lunch bag, or pick up some tasty trail mix instead of Doritos.

Becoming more active is again one of those tricky topics because it can easily turn into destructive behavior. Going to the gym or becoming more active is what a majority of people have as their resolution but they make it practically impossible to maintain. This new year, invest in an Apple Watch, Fitbit or free fitness app if you really feel committed to staying active.

You can look into purchasing a gym membership at a somewhat reasonable price. Keep in mind that not every day you are going to lift the heaviest you can or be able to run a couple of miles. Try tracking walks to school, work or even strolling in the grocery store.

The first step of having a successful new years’ resolution or goal is to make sure that goal isn’t unrealistic. Remaining consistent, persistent and embracing the highs and lows of your progress is sure to bring you success. Don’t forget to be nice to yourself, and watch as you transform into the best version of you this new year.