Lady Mustangs fall to Addison Trail


Claire Valenti

The Mustangs huddle together for a time out during the fourth quarter.

Claire Valenti, Sports Editor

Even though sophomore Allison Jarvis scored nearly two-thirds of the points against Addison Trail, every starter finished with at least three turnovers, and averaged three personal fouls, sending the Mustangs to a 29-34 loss and season record of 4-6.

Jarvis kept the Mustangs in the running by scoring 19 of the total 29 points, carrying them to an early lead. In the first quarter, Jarvis scored the game’s first 10 of 16 points.

“Scoring feels good, but it’s a team game, and I think that in order for us to win more games and be better, we all have to score as a team consistently,” Jarvis said. “It’s not just about me.”

The first quarter lead soon turned into an uphill battle. The Mustangs closed out every following quarter down five points or less. Coach Lyndsie Long commented on the game’s shortcomings.

“…[Our] defense didn’t look how it’s been looking all season. Offensively, we were just throwing the ball all over the place and had a ton of turnovers; probably about the same amount of points we scored. I think with the combination of poor defense and lack of ability to make good passes, those two things really kind of screwed us up,” Long said.

As the closest, low scoring game the Mustangs have had this season, senior Gracie Lapacek said practices were important.

“When we’re in practice and we make a mistake, we can’t just brush it off like we normally do,” Lapacek said. “We really need to think like ‘we can make these in a game, so we need to stop making them during practice’. We need to keep working to fix what we need to do [in games].”

Senior Deanna Eslit scored three points over the span of the second and third quarter, also assisting the team with two blocks. She expressed the importance of energy on the team.

“[Driving the team] doesn’t have to be me, it should be everybody wanting to win and wanting to be vocal. [Winning] starts with the energy and picking each other up and so that’s what I was trying to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull it through tonight, but I think it’s something that we should continue doing; in an atmosphere like this, you’ve got to keep the energy up,” Eslit said.

The next home game is Dec. 14 against Hinsdale South.