DGS baseball players crushing it in the weight room


Thomas Willard

In efforts to continue their success, members of the DGS baseball team headed over to T’s Training Academy in Lombard to train with Ben Chantos of B3 Human Performance.

Thomas Willard, Freelance Writer

Coming off of a 27 win season in the spring of 2021, the DGS baseball team has high aspirations to repeat their previous season’s success. In efforts to continue their success, members of the DGS baseball team headed over to T’s Training Academy in Lombard to train with Ben Chantos of B3 Human Performance.

Chantos, a personal trainer, has spent the past year with players from the DGS baseball team helping them build their physicality while preparing them for the 2022 season. Chantos explained how his program is prepping players for the spring.

“The premise of my system is building upon strengths by finding weaknesses. We are consistently testing our athletes to determine what weaknesses are holding them back and then we are building upon those week by week by breaking small records each week to consistently provide results,” Chantos said.

According to Chantos, the DGS baseball players show improvements on a weekly basis.

“I see it weekly because we are constantly testing and retesting, but even more so than performance, I’m seeing it in their work ethic as they go along. This group is what I consider my elite group because they are constantly challenging one another although they are supporting each other they are pushing one another to get better,” Chantos said.

The improvement and the culture the DGS players are bringing has been seen throughout the entire gym. Trainer Tyler Guerrero shares how everyone benefits from the energy of the DGS players.

“Honestly they are the highlight of the week; they bring energy every time they come in here and always cheer each other on like no other. It makes it fun to coach them and gives me motivation to come here and push everyone,” Guerrero said.

Pitcher and infielder Christian Schloneger recently joined B3 in late July and has seen nothing but progress – adding 35 pounds to both his back squat and bench press. Schloneger talked about how training at B3 is preparing him for the spring.

“Just after a few months of training at B3, my numbers and overall physicality have skyrocketed. The training program is designed to increase strength and size in a way that will translate directly onto the field. I know for a fact that B3 will make this upcoming season my most successful one yet,” Schloneger said.

Matt Scolan, former first team All-State DGS center fielder and B3 athlete, shared how B3 benefited him both on and off of the field.

“As a player, I felt that I became not only stronger, but also more athletic. Strength became one of my best traits when it used to be what brought me down. My mindset also changed dramatically. I learned how to compete with myself and the people around me and it made me a better player and person,” Scolan said.

Scolan saw his slash line improve from .285/.340/.400 to .495/.565/1.033 after spending an off season with Chantos at B3.

DGS catcher and outfielder John Szalko explained the importance of training with players from a conference rival school.

“Personally, having friends who play on different teams work with me pushes me to maximize my time, as these friends are my competitors in spring as well. It puts a chip on my shoulder and gives me yet another reason to push myself,” Szalko said.

For Szalko, B3 is more than just a gym. Szalko shares how the benefits of B3 go beyond just the field.

“Not only has B3 allowed me to improve myself physically, but it has served as a place of serenity for me as well. Going there twice a week allows me to get away from life for a little bit, and focus on bettering myself. My time there has definitely been worth it, and I can’t thank Ben enough for the environment that he has created for us at B3,” Szalko said.

With six months until the start of high school baseball, players of the DGS team look to build off of last year’s success and continue to get better.