Top 10 unique dates I don’t see enough

Casey Muzykansky, Copy Editor

Sometimes people get stuck in the loop of the same date, dinner and a movie over and over again but that gets boring over time. I may be single right now but I hope one day, I’ll be able to go on some of these fun, adorable and affordable dates.

10. Make friendship bracelets
A simple but creative date with your partner. There are many different kinds of bracelet tutorials you can find on Youtube to get inspiration for designs. You can find string and beads for these bracelets at Target for less than $10.00.

9. Volunteer
There are many different opportunities in the area to get out there and help the community. This date is not only enjoyable for you and your partner but it can also help the people around you. Some ways to get involved are volunteering at a food pantry, a soup kitchen or going to a nearby park and cleaning up the litter in the area.

8. Tie-dye shirts
This activity is eventful and colorful! With a white t-shirt for $7.00 and a 10 color tie-dye kit for $10.00 from Walmart, you could make this idea a reality. You could make your own shirt for each other, it doesn’t matter as long as you make them together and have a blast.

7. Visit a market
Spring is just around the corner! Soon enough, Downtown Downers Grove and many other towns will have their local flea and farmers markets. This date would be especially fun for one of the first dates in a relationship; an exciting time to wander around and get to know each other better.

6. Make pasta from scratch
If you’ve ever scrolled through Tik Tok, you’ve probably seen someone making pasta at some point, why not try it? This amusing experience only takes a few ingredients and could be either a romantic or silly date, it could even be both!

5. A date in the city
Going to the city with no plans but walking around is an exciting experience that can take you anywhere. You may end up ice-skating The Maggie Daley Ribbon, spending the day at Navy Pier or just getting dinner at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company and going home. People usually go to the city with a group of people and get dinner or see a show, but strolling hand and hand with the person you love in a beautiful city is a day to remember forever.

4. Go candle searching
With some gas in your car and your partner in the passenger seat, you can go on a candle searching adventure. Going around to stores that range in prices, start at the cheapest like Dollar Tree or Walmart, and make your way up in prices to stores like Bath and Bodyworks or Yankee Candle. You can debate smells, see which ones smell the same and compare their prices; maybe you’ll even end up buying matching candles.

3. Paint portraits of each other
Go to the dollar store, find a canvas, some poorly made paint brushes and some $1 acrylic paint and get painting! These aren’t supposed to be perfect, but they should reflect how you see your partner. This is a great activity to play some music and get to know each other even better than you already do.

2. Dramatic reading of children’s books
Remember when you were little and you and your friends would put on little shows for your parents? Think of this as that, but you’re the only person playing every role. Pick up one of your childhood favorite books and make your partner laugh with your amazing acting skills.

1. Do something casual in fancy clothes
Put on an old homecoming dress or suit, do your hair and go to Culvers at 10 pm. Eat some cheese curds and a custard sundae in an overdressed outfit and laugh your butt off with your partner to the point of people staring. People are going to stare because you’re wearing a fancy outfit in the middle of a fast-food restaurant, but it’s your life and you should live it like you’re the main character.