A harmonious head of hair: ranking my curls

Sydney Richardson, Features Editor

Living with curly hair is a full-time job. It requires unique hair care and comes as an inconvenience at times. However, having curls is a blessing that must be appreciated. So, these are individual curls on my head, ranked.

9. Wild and windblown

The pain of waking up with a lovely curl only for it to be ruined by the weather is disappointing at best and devastating at worst. This occurrence generates immense anxiety in me. I proceed to spend the rest of the day hiding my shame with a too-tight headband.


8. The unenthusiastic wave

Disappointments like this happen when the weight of my hair pulls on individual curls. These pieces like to hide underneath the more textured hair. The unenthusiastic wave ranks very low on my list because it makes me feel like a poser among other people with curly hair.


7. Intentionally straightened.

I love the look of having my hair straightened, however, the style isn’t very sustainable for me. Since my hair is very long and thick, it takes about two hours to wash, dry and straighten my hair. I also have to be extremely diligent about using heat protectant products so the flat iron does not damage my natural curls.

6. The well-meaning wad

This clump clearly has a goal in mind when it comes to curling. It gets caught up in itself, but still demonstrates a commitment to the curly cause. It may not be the neatest piece of hair but it truly is the thought that counts.

5. The rogue baby hairs

As the smallest in the pack, these hairs insist on making themselves known. These juvenile curls have a lot to learn about cooperating with the rest of the team. They are not the best but it’s okay because they are so little and cute.

4. Damp and delightful

It is always very satisfying to see a well-formed curl immediately after washing. Defined curls make the amount of money I spend on conditioner worth it. Hair like this creates excitement in me that does not fade until it is completely dry.

3. The overachiever

This curl likes to catch me by surprise. It springs from the bun I wrap it up in and forms a perfect little spiral. Despite its dysfunction, it is always welcome on my head because I am simply impressed by the way it holds the shape. Even when it’s frizzy, it amazes me.

2. The boss

This thick ringlet runs the show, always making itself known. When my hair is in a bun, it proudly sits on top of my head and when my hair is loose and free, it clings to the side of my head and frames my face. Sometimes it gets too confident and can be hard to work with but in the end, it always does its job.

1. The baby ringlet

This curl is my littlest soldier. It is a promising, young apprentice to the boss and there is no greater sign of a good teacher than when their student outperforms them. This curl is an adorable little prodigy and it truly completes my entire head of hair.